T.I. Rants & Says He is Not a Snitch in Interview

Photo Credit: Carla
Photo Credit: Carla

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper T.I. is staying busy promoting his latest studio album Trouble Man and giving plenty of interviews to discuss his new music, as well as some of the rumors that have been following the rapper since his stint in prison. One of the biggest rumors about T.I. is that he is a snitch and by snitching, that was the only way he was able to get the lightest amount of prison time, despite catching a federal weapons charge that should have put the rapper behind bars for at least 30 years. Known for speaking his mind and never holding back, T.I. addressed the snitch allegations in a recent interview with Hot 97. His answer turned into a rant, as T.I. explained how things work in prison and why he wouldn’t have been able to last a day in prison had he snitched like so many people believe he did.

When asked if he was a snitch, T.I. denies the accusations and claims that there’s a certain “G Code” people follow in prison. He claims that prisoners have things called “paperwork parties” in which the older prisoners check out the new prisoners to find out what they are serving time for. They also search court minutes and docket sheets to find any evidence of snitching before they decide if they want to align themselves with a newer prisoner. Those that are found out to be snitches are usually killed, the rapper claims.

He says:

“To be perfectly honest with you, I go with the G Code. In prison, we have paperwork parties. In prison, you have cards. I was in fed pen [federal penitentiary], so everybody is sent from everywhere. The Georgia Crew, when you get there, they make sure you have everything you need but you have to produce your paperwork when you get there so they will know how to align themselves with you.”


T.I. claims no one could find any evidence that he was a snitch because he wasn’t. And as a result, he was able to walk around the prison without issues:

“I walked the compound both my bids. I ain’t in no game where somebody has a reason to protect me.”


T.I. also seems to think that most of the people who are calling him a snitch are most likely people who would have snitch had they been in his position:

“Everybody wants to believe that because if they were caught in those circumstances, that’s what would have happened to them. That’s [snitching] what they would have done.”


What was meant to be a two-minute question and answer turned into a 7 minute rant as T.I. was visibly clear that he had enough of the snitching rumors.

Check out the interview below:


  1. I hate that he said he wouldn’t even snitch on the dude that killed his best friend. The no snitching code is one of the dumbest things people could have ever came up with.

  2. I never understood the whole no snitching thing. If you do anything to hurt someone I care about, I’m telling the damn cops and sending your a– to prison. Period.

  3. It’s just hard to believe he didn’t catch all that time he should have when they caught him with those guns. I honestly don’t care if he snitched. He’s got a family and kids to raise. IJS.

  4. I believe him. I found it strange that people think he was a snitch but he made it in prison and he didn’t get the Martha Stewart treatment. He’s most likely telling the truth. But it really shouldn’t matter anyway because the whole concept of no snitching is dumb as hell.

  5. I’m from West Africa, where you guys came from, and I’m proud of the guys who actually understand that T.I didn’t snitch and why he got a light sentence, but I’m dissapointed at those who said its impossible to get a lighter sentence, I’m not even in America but I managed to uncover the mystery behind his reduced sentence. Well what can I say? If you think he snitched, then you wrong, nd u need to learn to see things from different angles, my bro taught me this, I’m proud to be smarter than most of you even though I come from a less priviledged background, but with my brains, I can come and buy Obama and sell him to Mugabe..lol, Naija boy for life, forever and ever . And damnnn, Alley boy is a small boy, he should come to Nigeria, he will end up cleaning younger boys shoes where I reside, he’s a small boy, if u don’t believe me, then leave, West Africa where u guys were being sold from, is a f****ing jungle ever since u guys left and still is a jungle, we can eat Alley boy, mix him up with rice and stew, he shldnt feel like he’s hard, he must mind his own biz, we shld be talking about how we can enslave whites and make them grow our african economy and then you guys can come back home and live like kings once more, rather beefing with ur fellow black blood, u retards, grow up nd understand life better, otherwise,

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