Beyonce Set to Appear on the Cover of Vogue Early Next Year

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram
Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce has had plenty of accomplishments in her long-standing career in the entertainment industry. Although she has tried her hand at acting and enjoys it, Beyonce seems to have found her niche in music and entrepreneurship. In addition to her upcoming and fifth studio album, the singer seems to have plenty of big plans for the next year. Not only will she release her album next year, but she is directing her own documentary for HBO which will be shown on the channel next year, she nabbed a $50 million deal with Pepsi, and Beyonce is headlining the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

Now it appears that Beyonce will also be featured on the cover of one of the most popular fashion magazines of all time. According to the NY Daily News, Beyonce will be featured on the cover of  the March issue of Vogue Magazine. Although it won’t be the first time Beyonce has been featured on the cover of the magazine (Bey’s first appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine was in 2009), the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Beyonce, who is rumored to be releasing her album early next year.

The NY Daily News reports Beyonce shot her cover and spread with notable photographer Annie Leibovitz. In related news, Beyonce is hard at work on her next album and she is rumored to be working with Miguel, Ne-Yo, The Dream, Kanye West, Hit-Boy, and Jay-Z just to name a few. Reports suggest a new single could be released around the same time of her Super Bowl performance.


    1. Actually, Rih is trying to catch up to her. Hence her trying to make things work out with Chris so bad. She WISHES she and Chris could be like Jay and Bey. Chris and Rih will never get that respect as a couple. Ever. LOL!

    2. I honestly doubt Bey wants to be like Rih. Rih is a hot a– mess. Meanwhile Bey is kicking it with the First Lady and President Obama. Chris and Rihanna’s reps are too bad for them to reach that status. No one outside of teenagers and youngins under 23 think Rih and Chris are cute. IJS.

    3. Say what you want about Bey but she’s not on Instagram competing with other females for Jay-Z’s attention now is she? Oh. Ok.

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Beyonce has achieved enough success that Rihanna should not be brought up in the comment section of posts about Beyonce. Rihanna JUST GOT her first number one album, but released like 7 of them.

  2. Rihanna’s stans are so insecure. This is a Beyonce post. If Rih is all that, you don’t have to come on Beyonce posts and hate.

  3. Beyonce needs to slow down and relax. After this next album comes out, I just hope she becomes more of a full time mommy.

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