Drake Isn’t Too Happy Big Retail Stores Are Making Money from YOLO Gear

Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram
Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Drake has gained much star power from his association with Young Money, adding to the fans that he already had from his stint on television show Degrassi. And for those who listen to his music know that there is one thing for sure that can be said about Drake as a rapper. And that is that he has a thing for throwing out acronyms in his rhymes, one of his most popular ones being YOLO, standing for “You Only Live Once”. The catchy phrase is used often by Drake’s fans and even by those who don’t necessarily take to his music but have a strong liking for the phrase. It has even gotten to the point where retailers have their eyes set on it and have taken it upon themselves to go on to have the acronym printed on various forms of apparel including shirts and hats, the clothing all ready to sell in popular retail stores. The “YOLO” gear has started to pop up in numerous places most recently. As many thought this should be good news to Drake, apparently this all took place without him knowing about it. Once he found out that retail stores were trying to profit off of the saying that he has coined according to his fan base, Drake promptly let them know via Instagram that if they were going to keep selling merchandise with YOLO on it, then they better be ready to cough up some dough:

Drake first sent a message out to Walgreens:

“Walgreens….you gotta either  chill or cut the cheque”


Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram
Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram


And then he got at Macy’s next:

“Macy’s…same goes for you.”

Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram
Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram


Looks like Drake may be on the verge of trying to get “YOLO” trademarked. We wonder how that will turn out for him.



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