Brandy Shows off Her Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram
Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Singer Brandy Norwood has had plenty of success in the music industry as one of the biggest selling R&B singers of the 90s and 2000s, but her love for music was part of the reason the singer was able to churn out another hit album after everyone else told her that it would be hard to do since the music scene has changed so much since her reign. Although Brandy is still on cloud nine and elated by the success of her latest album Two Eleven, the singer has made it clear and has opened up in recent interviews by admitting that marriage has very much been on her mind lately.

Brandy has been dating music executive Ryan Press for over a year, but the singer made it clear that she was convinced that Press was “the one” for her. However, she had been anticipating a proposal from Ryan for a few months now. Ryan popped the question over the holidays, and those close to Brandy say the singer was overjoyed that Ryan had finally asked her to marry him, especially since she has been ready for months.

Of course, Brandy’s marriage to Ryan will be her first, despite earlier reports that suggested the singer was married to the father of her child. Brandy recently admitted that she was never married to her daughter’s father, and instead, the former couple went through with the lie to keep Brandy’s image wholesome.

Regardless, Brandy is excited to be engaged and she and Ryan took a trip to celebrate the engagement recently in Hawaii.

Brandy took to her Instagram account to show off pictures of their getaway and that huge engagement ring of hers:

Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram
Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram
Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram
Photo Credit: @4everbrandy Instagram


Fabulous. We’re so happy for Brandy.


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