Sheree Whitfield Gets Sued By Her Lawyers

Photo Credit: Bravo TV
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

By: Taren Vaughan

Sheree Whitfield  was known to many as the aspiring fashion designer from Real Housewives of Atlanta that had a feisty side to her that came out whenever you pushed her too far. Being one of the originals on the show and gaining a lot of fans during her time on it, Sheree’s time as a housewife ended as she didn’t return for Season 5 of the show. Her fans were upset to see her go yet no tears were shed by some of her cast mates as they continue to shade her in interviews that they do. Sheree doesn’t seem to be bothered by the shade though as she has admitted to not missing her days on RHOA. During her time on the show, Sheree spoke candidly on some personal aspects of her life outside of the show including the ongoing battle she was having with her ex-husband former NFL offensive tackle Bob Whitfield over their divorce settlement. The two finally reached an agreement a few months ago, Sheree racking up a load of legal fees in the process. And it appears that the law firm that represented her hit her with a lawsuit for not paying all of the fees and they have emerged victorious, resulting in Sheree having to reach deep into her pockets to pay up, interest and all:

The law firm Weinstock & Scavo sued Sheree back in 2010 … claiming the  “Real Housewife” racked up $165k in legal bills while they repped her in her divorce from former NFL star Bob Whitfield.

According  to docs, Sheree coughed up about $69k to W&S for services rendered, but  never paid the remaining $96k … because she claimed the firm was overcharging  her.

But  a judge recently sided with W & S … ordering the reality star to pay the  outstanding balance, plus interest … for a total of $119, 674.


  1. They’re wasting their time. Sheree was begging for child support all that time, she doesn’t have that kind of money to pay back and she won’t for a long time.

    1. You do the same! Love you guys!!!! We’ll be back at it in 2013, as we have already seen this morning, 2013 is going to be a ratchet year for celebrities. Yall ready?!

  2. Sucks to be her. She might want to call Bravo and try to her job back. Hell, they need to fire Kenya and Porsha’s wack a–ses any damn way.

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