Jay-Z & Beyonce Receive ‘Worst Girl Name’ of 2012 for Blue Ivy

Photo Credit: idrewuk
Photo Credit: idrewuk

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

2012 was very good to super couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. The couple welcomed their very first child Blue Ivy, and everything regarding their daughter has been headline news. Even when Beyonce announced she was pregnant on stage in epic fashion during the 2011 VMAs, social media went insane. Although Blue Ivy’s arrival didn’t come without speculation and vicious gossip (there are rumors that Beyonce used a surrogate and faked her pregnancy) and plenty of media attention, the Carters didn’t take the typical celebrity path and refused to sell any publication exclusive first pictures of their daughter. Instead, the loving parents published the first pictures of Blue Ivy on Jay-Z’s website.

But the most controversy surrounding Blue Ivy would not be whether or not Beyonce’s birthed her or which parent she resembles the most. It would actually be her name.

Besides fighting numerous legal battles to keep others from using their daughter’s name, many people criticized the couple’s choice in a name for their first-born. It’s normal for celebrities to give their children exotic names, but many were confused by how Beyonce and Jay-Z came up with the name. The couple took all of this in stride, as they released a video in which Beyonce explained how they came up with their daughter’s name.

While standing underneath a beautiful tree, Beyonce explains in the video on her Tumblr page:

“We woke up this morning and took a nice little walk and passed by this beautiful tree. I think it’s Blue Ivy, which will be quite appropriate.”


It’s also been reported that Blue is Jay-Z’s favorite color and 4 is a special number to the couple, so IV could also play a role in the choice.

But regardless of the sentimental reasons as to why Jay-Z and Beyonce chose the name, it didn’t stop the couple for being penned for having the worst girl name of 2012 when it comes to celebrity babies.

BabyNames.com surveyed 2,000 of members and asked them to select the best and worst celebrity baby names. Unfortunately for Blue Ivy, hers took the number one spot for worst girl name. In fact, the name received 47.1 percent of the votes.

Charlotte Grace (parents:Jenn Schefft, Joe Waterman) was voted for the best girl name of 2012.

Although Blue Ivy’s name may be considered ugly to many, we’re pretty sure she’ll have a charmed life anyway, especially since it’s already been reported on several occasions that both Beyonce and Jay-Z are going out their way to make sure she has the best of everything. And why shouldn’t they?

Plus we’re sure a little criticism regarding their child’s name isn’t too hard to take when the couple has been named the top earning celebrity couple of 2012.



  1. It’s a weird name for sure, but it means something to them, so I’m, sure that is all that matters. I doubt this little girl will need to submit a job resume or anything…EVER! LOL

    1. Say that. I honestly don’t even think they care that people rag on the name. Must be nice to know you have put your kids in a position where they don’t have to ever deal with the evil out there in corporate america.

  2. It’s a terrible name, but when you’re filthy rich and your kids won’t ever need to look for a job, you can name them whatever you want.

    1. Sometimes I want to be able to do the same for my kids (when I have them), but then I get scared that they will end up like most of the other rich kids…on drugs and lazy as hell because they never had to work for anything in their entire life. There’s pros and cons to both.

  3. I actually like the name. It’s different, and Blue is cute for a girl’s first name. I think the point was to be original and for it to mean something. They achieved both.

      1. You already know that child is trolling. She only comments on Bey and Rihanna posts and I seriously doubt Rih is pregnant. She loves her career too much to have a baby now.

      2. WhatWhat, girl you already know the answer to that question. Of course Navy is trolling. That’s all she does on here.

  4. Blue Ivy will have more in her trust fund than the combined income of every single one of those people who voted in that poll. She’s good. LMAO!

  5. I like the NAME HELL!!!! dnt know why it’s a big deal I mean no offense but chile it’s a name people name they babies moon stars ship I wouldn’t care let live!!!!

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