NeNe Leakes Made Her Son Get a DNA Test for Her Granddaughter

Photo Credit: Bravo TV
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

By: Taren Vaughan

NeNe Leakes‘ life has gone through many changes over the years, both her professional and personal life. After becoming one of the most successful housewives of Real Housewives of Atlanta, more doors started to open up for NeNe concerning her career in the entertainment industry. And new beginnings were happening for her. With all the positive things going on with her blossoming acting career and her continuing to have new opportunities to boost her career, the reality TV star’s personal life had its down moments as well as NeNe started to have problems in her marriage to her husband Gregg Leakes. the two finally getting to the point of divorce. Her ex-husband, now fiancé again, is not the only one of NeNe’s family members who has appeared on the show with her that we saw interact with her. Her two sons Bryson and Brentt have also been apart of it too as viewers got the chance to see how NeNe handled her business as a mother, another aspect of her life that she takes much pride in. NeNe and her oldest son Bryson tended to bump heads a lot over some of the choices that he made when he was living with her as Bryson was prone to finding a way to land himself into some pretty serious trouble.

Even with all the ups and downs that have happened in her son Bryson’s life, he did bring her some good news a few months ago, Bryson informing NeNe that she was about to be a grandmother, or “glam-ma” as NeNe likes to refer to herself. And right after Bri’asia, Bryson’s daughter, was born, NeNe hopped right into grandma mode, posing in pictures with the newborn and happily talking about her in interviews. There is no question that NeNe truly loves her granddaughter but that didn’t keep her from having her suspicions about whether or not Bryson was really the father of the baby. It was so suspicious in fact that the talk of paternal testing came into play.

While out clothes shopping with the little girl and cast mate Cynthia Bailey on an episode of RHOA, the two talked about the other ladies on the show getting a chance to meet Bri’asia. And during the conversation, NeNe admitted to Cynthia that when she first laid eyes on her granddaughter, she was not 100% positive that the baby was Bryson’s when she first caught a glimpse of her and urged him to take a paternity test to be sure:

“When I first saw her I was like, ‘Wow, Bryson really has a baby. Okay let’s go get a DNA test.’”

Cynthia questioned NeNe about what she said to make sure she heard her correctly about the test:

“You got a DNA test?”

And NeNe replied, exclaiming loudly with a laugh:

“Of course!”

There’s no doubt that NeNe Leakes loves her granddaughter to death but she was definitely not going to let her son continue to take on his fatherly duties without knowing for sure if the child was his or not.

Peep the clip of NeNe and Cynthia’s shopping trip below:


  1. I’m sure people see none bags now when they see Bryson so yeah…I can’t say I don’t understand why she asked him to do it.

  2. The way women have no problems sleeping with multiple men at one time and raw dog these days, I’d say they were smart to get a paternity test!

  3. I get that NeNe wants to protect her money at all costs, but damn, I’d be insulted if someone asked me for a paternity test. IJS.

  4. It’s all about the bottom line with NeNe. Pint blank period, she didn’t want to be spending her money on a baby if it’s not biologically her son’s. Makes sense.

  5. You have to get DNA tests done now-a-days! I don’t blame her one bit cause when my son have a baby I’m gonna have him do a DNA test too. I don’t even care if he’s having the baby with his wife cause she could’ve been cheating!

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