Target Employee That Was Slapped by Katt Williams Speaks Out

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Katt Williams has had a pretty crazy last few months as the comedian has racked up in arrests and lawsuits with what many have labeled as erratic behavior. The comedian however, feels that he is just unfairly being targeted by the media and law enforcement for speaking the truth in his stand up routines, and he even compares his recent mishaps to Dave Chappelle’s downfall. Regardless, Williams ended 2012 on a very terrible note, as the comedian was arrested just a couple of days after Christmas for Child Endangerment and having illegal guns and drugs in the home. Katt’s children were placed in protective custody as a result of the arrest.

Several of Katt’s arrests have been a result of him attacking his own fans at his shows. Most recently, the comedian was even accused of hitting one of his fans in the head with a microphone during one of his stand up performances.

Then of course there is that situation he had recently with the Target employee. In a video posted to YouTube , Katt can be seen talking to the employee for a couple of minutes before slapping him.

When the reports began to circulate of Katt’s assault on the Target employee, not even the police could confirm why the assault occurred.

Well now it appears that the Target employee, Forrest Liebenberg, is speaking out about the incident. And according to him, Katt was acting very erratic and the whole incident has caused him to lose his job.

He tells CBS13:

“I had no idea who this guy was before he came into Target that day. I was in no way the aggressor. I never went up to him.”


Liebenberg claims the conversation got heated after Katt tried to buy his personal motorcycle helmet.

“He’s just really aggressive, you know, making cynical comments, just based on the fact that I put thought into selling him my helmet. He approached me, the argument got escalated, and that’s when he hit me.

“People are saying he’s worth millions of dollars, and he just cost me my job. Of course that’s going to be upsetting. It is a little upsetting that someone of his stature can act like they can just get away with this kind of stuff.”


Interestingly enough, Katt Williams claimed in a recent stand up performance that he slapped the former Target employee because he called him the “N” word.


  1. For some reason, I think Katt Williams was telling the truth when he said that guy called him the “N” word. IJS!

  2. Dude is lying. One minute he didn’t know who Katt was then he “heard” Katt was a millionaire! He set Katt up!

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