Rasheeda Says She Doesn’t Want a Record Deal

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Rasheeda has an obvious love for music but decided to try out a new thing with her career and test the reality TV show waters by joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta along with her husband Kirk Frost. As Rasheeda and Kirk rarely found themselves involved in all the drama that went on during the show, despite the infamous beef that developed between Rasheeda and K. Michelle towards the end of the first season, they were not immune to the gossip mill at all as rumors concerning their fate on the show and Kirk’s past started to pour out. Aside from that, Rasheeda and Kirk did have a dose of their own as a couple that started to take its toll on their marriage. As a member of the casting line up who had a career going before reality TV, appearing on LHHATL was Rasheeda’s big chance to move her rap career forward as she has made noise as an underground lyricist but hasn’t been able to go much past that level. Looking to change that, she sought out advice from CEO and Founder of Mizay Entertainment Deb Antney on what her next move should be and got a reality check during their sit down meeting as Deb held no punches and pointed out what she saw as Rasheeda’s biggest hindrances from having the career that she has been working so hard to get, one of them being Kirk. Rasheeda was faced with the hard decision of firing her husband as her manager or sticking it out with him as she credits Kirk to be a main factor in the success that she has been able to have.

As for her music career, Rasheeda still continues to be a well-known underground artist but hasn’t seemed to take full advantage of her association with the hit reality TV show that she is apart of unlike some of her fellow cast mates who have been able to parlay theirs into a record deal. Apparently, Rasheeda is quite content with not having a major record deal as she responded to a fan of hers who asked her whether or not she landed one:
rasheeda record deal


  1. She doesn’t want one because she can’t get one though. The rap thing is never going to pop off for her. Good thing she got on TV when she did.

  2. Rasheeda wants to be independent because she wants the “freedom” that comes with it, plus artist make more money from record sales when they aren’t signed to major labels. But she doesn’t even sell now, so…

  3. Ain’t nobody trying to sign a 40 plus married female rapper. That’s why she doesn’t have a record deal.

  4. She needs to give up the rapping thing. It’s not happening, whether she’s on TV or not. She’s terrible and very corny.

  5. Rasheeda is so boring to me. Her whole storyline was very wack. I like to see married women go after their dreams but she doesn’t have personality. The most interesting she’s been so far is when she dragged K. Michelle on Instagram. I can do without her on the show. Just sayin…

  6. Chile bye. She’d jump up at the chance for a multimillion dollar deal with a label that would put money into marketing her. Hell signing to Cash Money’s thieving a–ses is better than relying on Kirk’s non managing a-s.

  7. So Rasheeda is still living in a fantasy world? Major labels cheat you, but you gain more than depending on your lack of business sense having spouse.

  8. Oh Rasheeda please. This woman has not done a thing to capitalize off of her time on the show. K. Michelle has a record deal and has magazine covers. Rasheeda has resorted to selling cheap earrings on some cheap website. Honestly, the only people doing anything are K. Michelle and Stevie J.

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