Halle Berry’s Recent Holiday Drama is Costing Her Daughter Acceptance into Private Schools

Photo Credit: German Marin
Photo Credit: German Marin

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla getting rejected from private schools over her mom’s drama? Halle Berry’s Thanksgiving Day celebration was probably on its way to being a great one until a fight broke out at her home between her fiancé Olivier Martinez and her ex Gabriel Aubry. The brawl sent Gabriel Aubry to the hospital to get broken ribs treated and resulted in him getting a restraining order against Olivier Martinez. And for awhile, he was sporting a big black eye, photos of his swollen eye plastered on several media outlets. Since the brawl took place, Halle and her ex have seemed to settle their differences as they came to a custody agreement over their daughter Nahla. And as of now, the drama has lessened as more attention is being turned to whether or not Halle and her fiancé Olivier Martinez are on their way to getting married as there were rumors going around about them church hunting together overseas in Paris for their wedding.

As things may have gotten better between Halle, Gabriel and Olivier after the nasty Thanksgiving Day fight that went on, it looks like all the drama that her family tends to bring has caused the youngest one involved some troubles with schools as it is being said that Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla has been rejected from one of the most elite schools in Los Angeles:

Modern schools seem to be getting more and more dangerous, so we’re totally on board with the elite moms of Buckley School in Los Angeles kicking Halle Berry out after learning about fiancé Olivier Martinez’s nasty violent fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle has been touring schools across Los Angeles, searching for the perfect kindergarten program for her 4-year-old daughter Nahla. She loved the Buckley School, but it didn’t love her!

A mom insider reported to Star Magazine, print edition January 14, 2013, “She is full of drama and always has trouble with her men. The moms are concerned.” And so they should be! We reported that Olivier and Gabriel got into a brutal fight after threats were exchanged on school grounds while attending Nahla’s play! If school is going to be the middle ground between Nahla’s two homes, there will be a lot of opportunity for new threats, new fights, and new drama! No mom wants to put her kids in that situation!

So instead of bending over backwards for the celeb mom, the moms of Buckley School have just booted her off the acceptance list entirely! “We pay a lot of money for this school, and the last thing we want is trouble,” explained one mom insider. The school doesn’t need another celeb endorsement, and certainly doesn’t need short-tempered, violent Frenchmen on the premise! Best to lock the gate and send Halle off with Olivier to Paris. That’s where her heart is, after all!


  1. Not a Halle fan AT ALL, but seriously, these bitties need to take the stick out their a-ses. What woman hasn’t had problems with men? Please.

      1. Exactly. Besides looks, she has nothing else to hate on. She can’t even have decent and healthy relationships with men.

  2. Halle’s man problems are pretty serious though. Chick had two men fist fighting over her on Thanksgiving. Who can blame these parents for feeling this way? Not everyone is star struck. They want safety for their kids.

    1. I agree “Izzy”. Who are they to pass judgment on her. I understand it they don’t want any drama at the school. That’s fine, I would say that they’re looking out for the kids. But to comment on her relationship and personal life is out-of-order. The only difference between Halle Berry and anyone else is: you don’t have a camera shoved down your throut constantly… SHE IS A HUMAN BEING AND DESERVES SOME PRIVACY!!!

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