Game Drags His ‘Step Father’ for the Stripper Allegations

Photo Credit: @thegame Instagram
Photo Credit: @thegame Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

One thing Rapper Game knows too well is controversy. His latest album Jesus Piece was highly criticized over the artwork for the album cover. Game didn’t take to the criticisms too well as he got into it with a few people in the media over their comments. And to piss people off even more, Game decided to have “Jesus” join him on stage during one of his performances. Even though his recently released album wasn’t nearly a chart-topper, Game has taken on other paths in the entertainment industry to keep his money looking right. After finally giving in to doing reality TV, Game starred in Marrying The Game along with his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, their children and others close to them, the rapper revealing some personal aspects of his life that fans may not have been aware of from just listening to his music. Long before the show aired though, he had a heavy beef going on with former label mate 50 Cent who challenged Game’s street cred on many occasions, and even tried to expose him as a former stripper as 50 put out a photo of Game looking to be wearing a thong. While Game slammed the rumor completely, his stepfather Hodari Sababu is bringing it back up yet again as he claimed in a recent interview that he did that the Compton rapper was indeed a stripper at a club that Sababu started with Game’s mother and that once 50 got a hold to the tidbit about Game, he used it as ammunition in their already heated beef. Tired of hearing the same old rumors recycled about his alleged past as an exotic dancer, Game shut down the rumors again and said that Sababu was doing all of this because he wouldn’t loan him anymore. And Game added that not only is Sababu rehashing an old lie about him but he isn’t even his stepfather.

He tweets:

“Hol up…Talkin bout he my stepfather? B*tch, my mama ain’t never been MARRIED!!! Mad cause I ain’t loan yo gay a*s no $$$ #F*ckOuttaHere. It don’t work n*ga. It’s old, n*ggas tried dat 1 & n*ggas still thinkin that bullish*t gone END me? I’m to the Canyons on yo bum a*s n*gga. This f*g get out of jail & because I don’t give em no money…He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story…ha ha…”


Game may have brushed off the claims again but the mentions of him allegedly dancing in thongs hasn’t lost its ability to piss him off whenever someone brings it up.


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