Nick Cannon Deletes Tweet About Beyonce’s GQ Cover After Followers Drag Mariah

Photo Credit: @mariahcarey Instagram
Photo Credit: @mariahcarey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marriage has held steady despite the rumors and speculation surrounding their relationship. It’s no secret that many would have to consider Mariah as the one who wears the pants in the marriage considering that the singer has been known to be a certified diva for years. Nick doesn’t seem to be phased by Mariah’s reputation or diva like behavior, and that’s most likely one of the reasons the couple is still together despite  the many rumors that surround their relationship. Nick’s even had his wife’s back during her whole beef with rapper Nicki Minaj and he’s been very vocal about where he stands on the American Idol controversy surrounding the two newbie judges. So one would think a tweet about Beyonce’s GQ cover would be completely innocent right? Well it was until it became a cue for random people to bash Mariah Carey’s physical appearance.

As we recently reported, it’s been confirmed that Beyonce covers the February issue of GQ Magazine. When a photo of the cover leaked on Instagram, the social networks exploded with comments regarding how sexy Beyonce looked despite being a new mom to daughter Blue Ivy.

There’s no doubt that Beyonce looked absolutely amazing on the cover, but Nick not only irritated Mariah Carey’s fans (which she affectionately refers to as lambs) but his tweet caused many people to drag Mariah Carey and her weight.

Here’s what Nick tweeted, but then deleted quickly after when he realized that it might have been out of line and that it caused some sort of Mariah Carey bash:

“Wow, did you see Beyonce on the cover of GQ?”

Nick’s tweet caused a flood of Mariah Carey digs:


mariah carey twitter disses


On top of the all the Mariah Carey insults and jokes about her weight, Mariah Carey’s own fans were not too happy because they felt Nick was “lusting” for another woman who wasn’t Mariah so publicly:


mariah carey stans attack nick twitter


After Nick’s mentions were destroyed, he promptly deleted the tweet.


  1. Lmao!!!! People are so cruel on the damn internet! They will say anything to these celebs on Twitter. But yeah, he shouldn’t have ever tweeted it. He was just asking for trouble.

  2. I’m surprised he had the balls to even tweet that. He knows Mariah has had his balls in her possession since they were dating. Lmao!!!!

  3. Being married doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t find other people attractive. So yeah, it was an innocent tweet, and people need to stop doing the most on Twitter.

    1. True but when you’re a celeb, everything you tweet can become a headline. He can think it but he shouldn’t have tweeted it. This will be everywhere by tomorrow morning and we know his wife isn’t too happy that he tweeted this.

      1. I understand you, but I still think people made a big deal out of nothing. Marriage doesn’t mean you ignore everyone else’s looks. You will still be able to notice when people are attractive. As long as all you do is look, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Mariah hasn’t gained THAT much weight. The main folks talking are probably not all that themselves. Damn Twitter and Instagram has people delusional as hell.

  5. The internet has people thinking they can say anything. Thumb thugs are a trip. But Nick now knows he can;t tweet everything that comes to his mind. Lesson learned.

  6. Wow..was it that serious? Ppl need to stop acting like the man is dead because he is married. I’m pretty sure that his wife knew about the tweet anyways. If my husband tweeted about Beyonce I would not trip. All of those women are so insecure. He should have kept the comment up and his wife should of tweeted back telling people its not a big deal. Twitter is truely the devil

  7. I don’t see why people made a bigger deal about the tweet than his own wife did. Mariah is THE Mariah Carey. She is confident in who she is and one of the biggest divas in the business. She knows she has her man and she knows Nick won’t take things further than a tweet. Not to mention Bey is married herself. Men don’t die or become numb to other women when they get married. As log as he knows how far to take it, it shouldn’t be a problem. People get on Twitter and let their stupidity show.

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