Mariah Carey Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder in New Interview

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Mariah Carey opened up about her battle with something many people in the world deal with in silence; mental illness.

She revealed in a recent interview that she suffers from a bipolar disorder and takes medication for treatment.

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  1. Mental illness is real…fame can f*ck ur head up…brain is a muscle like anything else….if someone had a strained hamstring or shoulder we wudnt think twice or judge about treating it…but the mind….Oh NO-all that needs is a lil mo Jesus! our community unfortunately hasnt fully embraced this ideology and although we are coming around we have a ways to go…work it out mimi

  2. She’s fortunate to know she’s bipolar and to be getting treatment. So many people are walking around here undiagnosed and they have no idea they have a mental illness.

  3. Kuddos to her for being brave to speak out in regards to mental illness. Coko from SWV also revealed not too long ago that she has bipolar II as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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