NeNe Leakes Admits to Being Saddened About Seeing Former Cast Members Leave

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak getting into it with each other is nothing new for those who have been following the Real Housewives of Atlanta series from the very start. And while two of the show’s original cast members continued to patch up their off and on friendship on numerous occasions in the past, it was made very clear with season 5 of RHOA that there was going to be no mending things between NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak. After having enough of all the drama, Kim Zolciak decided it was time to make some moves and left from the scene for the remainder of the season. And Kim said that she had no plans of making a return for season 6 either. Thinking Kim’s reasoning that she gave for leaving the show was complete nonsense, NeNe responded by saying that Kim was flat out lying about why she was leaving. Kim fired back at NeNe for being a ‘hater’ and confirmed the fact that she was offered a spin off show of her own and even later seemed to change her mind about leaving RHOA. During an airing of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, NeNe spoke on how the mood of the show changed once Kim left. And she said that with Kim gone, the remaining cast members seem to get along much better:

“The mood definitely changed once Kim left the show. I feel like the girls get along so much better now that she’s gone,”

As NeNe has thrown shade at some of the other housewives that have left the show, she did admit that she was somewhat sad about seeing them leave:

“However, every girl that has left the show that I began the show with I’ve always felt some kind of way about it. A little part of me felt kind of sad about it because we started this journey together.”

And even though her and Kim are not the best of friends as of now, NeNe still remembers how things started out between them:

“It’s kind of sad because we began the journey together, and we were on this journey for a reason and now that I’m the only one standing, I have my own little pity party. Me and Kim didn’t get along but I think about how we all were together in the beginning.”


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