Meagan Good Causes Outrage with Tweet About ‘Molly’

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Meagan Good might be enjoying the newlywed life and being a born again Christian, but those new additions to her life haven’t been without controversy. When reports confirmed that Meagan was dating and engaged to be married to a pastor, many people expressed their thoughts that Meagan was the last actress they expected to marry a pastor. Meagan took the criticism in good stride, and she hasn’t really allowed any of it to bother her much. Besides showing a little irritation on her Twitter account once pictures spread around on the blogs of her grabbing a stripper pole at her bachelorette party, the actress doesn’t seem too phased that so many people have something to say about her personal life.

Now that Meagan is married to a young pastor, she is looking at things at lot differently, especially new trends in the Hip Hop community that aren’t healthy trends for young people to follow.

If you’ve been listening to the latest mainstream rap music, you should be familiar with the popular drug of the moment, “Molly.” Described by many as the new crack, the drug has been referenced in numerous rap songs by many of up and coming rappers in the business. While many young people are treating the drug like it’s nothing more than a fad or party favor, some are preaching against it since it has so many unhealthy effects.

Meagan Good took to her Twitter account to slam the drug and inform her followers of its unhealthy consequences.

She tweets:

meagan good molly tweet


Interestingly enough, Meagan’s tweet angered people. Her mentions got nasty thanks to people who apparently don’t see the harm in “popping a molly.” Peep some of the tweets:


meagon good twitter disses molly


Meagan admitted she was shocked people were angry that she was speaking out against a drug:


meagan good twitter


  1. She kind of gets on my nerves. Yeah, Molly is bad, but she was just slutting out with Khloe Kardashian not too long ago. Girl bye.

  2. She’s doing the most. I understand she’s married now and a born again Christian, but she smokes cigarettes. That’s hypocritical considering both Molly and cigarettes can kill you.

  3. Wow, what’s next, backlash because someone says ” bless you” after a sneeze?!! This new generation of young people have it ALL wrong!!

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