Meagan Good is Still Feeling Some Kind of Way

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The last time actress Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin made headlines, it’s because DeVon checked a woman for calling out Meagan’s fashion choices in the middle of a Christian conference.

Although Meagan was delighted her man took up for her, she’s still upset that the woman approached her the way she did.

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    1. A lot of them are better. They think they are more Christian than Meagan but they don’t have the man, the great career and success and they think they deserve it more than her. LOL.

  1. She shouldn’t let strangers opinions bother her so much. Most of the people saying something wish they were in her shoes.

  2. Oh Meagan girl let it go. You have a good man and you have the life that hater wants. I would just let them gag and keep doing me if I was in her position. Even so called Christians can be jealous.

  3. It’s deeper than what she wears. They don’t think she’s good enough for DeVon and that’s what’s really bothering her.

  4. At some point she has to stop giving a f-ck. If people ain’t jealous of your life, you ain’t doing sh-t.

  5. I wouldn’t even care they would have to just be mad. I wouldn’t put no more emphasis on these clearly sad, bitter, hating women…..she has a handsome God fearing husband….he treats her good, takes up for her. He didn’t come wit no baggage. She has a career she is also nice looking……the people that don’t know her or in her life should not matter……

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