Nicki Afraid Issues With Mariah Would Make Her Look Like a ‘Psycho’ Again

Photo Credit:  The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s beef with Mariah Carey has made American Idol more interesting than it’s been in years. As a result, many people have labeled the beef as nothing more than a publicity stunt, and the feud itself have made more headlines than the show’s last few winners have. It’s no secret that Mariah wasn’t thrilled about Nicki joining her as a host on the panel, but Nicki seems to suggest that she was shocked Mariah felt that way. In fact, she figured Mariah would be happy to have her join the show since they got along so well when they did a song together.

In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicki discussed her beef with Mariah Carey and why she’s still nervous about her new gig on American Idol.

When asked what happened between her and Mariah, she says:

“I don’t know. It was just two big old divas. I guess. I was just like sitting there and I guess before I went in there I heard all the stuff that was being said, but I didn’t believe it. I heard them saying ‘Mariah doesn’t want you on the panel’ but I was like, ‘No. I am friends with Mariah.’ I was like arguing people down. Like, ‘Don’t believe everything you read. You’re crazy.’ And so I went there and I started to feel a little bit of the shade. And I just kind of overcompensated by being crazier.

“You know someone maybe doesn’t like you, it’s kind of like, now you’re really going to go in…because it’s like a defense mechanism. You know what I mean? It’s really that. Your feelings were hurt and you can’t believe it, so you just kind of compensate with being crazy.”


What terms are the two on now? Well according to Nicki, things between them are better:

“We’re fine. I cannot hold a grudge against Mariah Carey. What people don’t understand is that I’ve looked up to her for so many years. Since she came out, ‘Vision of Love,’ all that. Me and my mother would sing her songs all day and all night. So I don’t know if she’s gotten over it but I have. I mean, I’m over there cracking up laughing, having fun, and if she’s still holding a grudge, I don’t know. Like, I don’t care. “


Nicki does admit that even though she is trying to move past her beef with Mariah, she’s still nervous that Mariah could say something and cause her to go off on live television:

“Just like if there’s a slick comment being made, I just want it to go well. It’s about the contestants. We have a lot of talent, and I don’t want anyone on the panel to say something too crazy because I don’t want to look like a crazy psycho again. I am not really a crazy psycho, you guys.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Well Nicki needs to learn how to throw shade like Mimi. When you’re a real diva, you shade, not get loud and ghetto.

  2. I see Amanda or Taren closed that Gabrielle Union thread because people were about to be calling each other b*tches and c*nts. It got too real on there. LOL.

    On topic, I agree that Nicki needs to learn how to shade. I think she threw a little though when she was talking about how she’s looked up to Mariah for “many years.” That’s a good start. LOL

    1. Hey… All I can say is people funny… Everyone can’t handle the truth and everyone got their own opinions and some are just closed minded…

      On topic, I’m not really a Nicki Minaj fan but she definately needs to stand her ground… But, I still think the beef is fake.. lol

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