Kim Kardashian Speaks on Beyonce ‘Beef’

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram
Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been rumored that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have some kind of beef with one another, and tabloids have made it seem that the alleged beef is mainly Beyonce’s fault. According to numerous reports, Beyonce was being the ultimate diva to Kim, and treats her like she’s lesser than every time the two attended the same events and functions to support the men in their lives. According to the tabloids, Beyonce is not very friendly to Kim, and usually the reality star is painted as some kind of victim who is having a hard time being accepted by her man’s closest friends. We told you recently that a little birdie told us that Kim’s camp was actually the ones behind those rumors about Beyonce’s “mistreatment” of Kim, as the reality star wanted to use Beyonce’s name as a means to invoke sympathy from a general public who hasn’t been feeling her since her quick split from her last husband Kris Humphries. Apparently Beyonce’s new publicist got wind of what Kim’s camp was up to, and Bey’s reps started shooting down the rumors themselves. And as soon as they began to deny the reports, those “feud” stories ceased.

Well, Kim is back to talking about Beyonce again because the reality star talked about the “feud” in her recent interview with Slay on MTV.

On the rumored beef with Beyonce, Kim says:

“It’s so not true. One of the sweetest people I have ever met. She’s so sweet. I have no idea where these things come from. … I think they like to make up these feuds. It’s more interesting.

“We’ve never even talked about it. It doesn’t even come up in conversation, probably because they get so many ridiculous stories brought to them every day with things that are true and not true. And vice-versa.

“That stuff just doesn’t even come up, even with my family it doesn’t come up.”


We already told you that Kim’s former publicist spilled the beans a long time ago about how the Kardashian media machine works. Rumors, no matter how nasty they may be, are usually created and come from their own camp. They believe all press is good press, and the publicist even admits that they were the ones that sent in that rumor of Reggie Bush proposing to Kim to MediaTakeOut a few years ago. So it’s hard for us to take anyone in the family seriously when they attempt to blame the media for rumors they most likely put out themselves.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the interview:



  1. This is why I don’t like Kanye with Kim. I hate that she is associated now with Bey. Ugh. Just go away already Kim.

  2. People with a brain never believed the rumors anyway. Beyonce is a very nice person. I’ve never heard about her being rude to anyone. Kim is always try to pull that “Oh black women are jealous/intimated by me” card. That’s why I always suspected it was Kim’s camp spreading the rumors.

  3. Shoot, if the rumors are actually true about Bey not wanting anything to do with Kim.. If I was Bey, I’d want nothing to do with her either… She’s a media wh*re and so is Kanye and I guess that they deserve each other in that sense… Bey has an image she has to maintain and uphold.. What do we really know Kim for??? Really??? Amiture porn, sucking Ray J’s pee pee…
    That’s like Monica Lowinski (I know I spelled the last name wrong so what, ya’ll get the point), known for breaking the president off – now she writing books, coming out with different lines in her name, and talking to kids and ish… About what (sounds like Kim don’t it)??? You know for break’n a ninja off… OMG nuff said – SMH

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