Sheree Whitfield Says Getting Fired from RHOA Improved Relationship with Ex Husband

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Sheree Whitfield was one of the original members of Real of Housewives of Atlanta along with NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak, who returned for season 5 of the show, Kim making an early exit before the season ended. And after dedicating several seasons to the hit reality show and being involved in her share of drama with cast mates while making some positive things happen for her career in the process, Sheree Whitfield’s time as a housewife came to an end, something that she said that she wasn’t too sad about at all. Although she has stepped away from reality TV, that hasn’t stopped Sheree from continuing to pursue her other business ventures that she was starting up during her time on RHOA as she launched her own jewelry line, ‘She By Sheree’, not too long ago. In a recent interview that she did with Weekend Express, Sheree spoke about the current projects that she is working on and her experience being on Real Housewives of Atlanta and whether or not what people are seeing on TV is real or fake. Sheree claimed that what is seen is indeed real and says that how even though it is a reality show that is supposed to show viewing audiences the personal lives of those involved in them, she says that with the time allotted to these shows, people only get to see a small portion of their lives. And she says that there were many other things that she would have liked to be shown but those happenings of her life were not exciting enough for the producers to want to air:

“What you see is real. It’s not 100 percent accurate of everyone’s entire life because you can’t depict that in an hour show.”

“When we talk about what’s real and what’s not, you can’t get 100 percent of who I am. If I’m taking my kids to football practice or if I’m taking my daughter to horseback riding lessons, these are things that are my reality but the producers may deem too boring for TV.”


Sheree’s fallouts with some of the other cast members were captured on episodes but her issues with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield was also seen by viewers as they went through an ongoing battle concerning their divorce settlement. And Sheree admits that it was hard for her to watch that but says that surprisingly her relationship with her ex has gotten much better since she is not on the show anymore:

“Absolutely. I couldn’t make those things up. It was real and it was very painful. You know, it was hard to watch. It’s very stressful and very hard.”

“The funny thing is now that I’m no longer doing the show, me and my ex, we’re able to get along better. And I think it was a lot of stress and a lot of weight on the show was the demise of our friendship… “


Sheree had said before that she didn’t miss being apart of RHOA. However she says that she doesn’t regret doing the show at all as she has been able to gain a lot of fans from the show who continue to support the things that she is doing. And despite what most people think about reality TV shows, Sheree says that she thinks RHOA serves a good purpose and that she hopes that she was able to positively impact those who watched her during her time on there:

“Yes, I would do it over. It’s a great platform and I really had a good impact and hopefully positive impact on a lot of women.”


Check out Sheree Whitfield’s full interview below:


  1. Reality TV ruins most relationships. I’m glad she’s getting along better with Bob now that she’s off the show.

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