Wendy Williams Slams Kandi Burruss’ Engagement to Todd Tucker

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Taren Vaughan

So what does Wendy Williams think about Kandi Burruss’ engagement to Todd Tucker? Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were rumored to be engaged to each other after photos of them enjoying their holiday vacation were closely dissected, many noticing that in every shot that they took, Kandi’s ring finger was completely covered up, leading people to think that Kandi and Todd were trying to hide the engagement from the public for just a little while longer. After all the speculating that was done about the status of the singer-songwriter and her producer boyfriend, it was officially announced that Todd proposed to Kandi and that they were indeed engaged to each other. Most everyone appears to be very happy about Kandi and Todd’s engagement news as their reactions have been positive.

Wendy Williams’ reaction to the news? Not so much.

On Thursday’s airing of her show, Wendy Williams shared her thoughts about Kandi’s engagement to Todd. And as her audience members seemed to be happy about Kandi’s engagement, Wendy questioned them on it and said that getting engaged right now was probably Kandi and Todd’s way of trying to get their own spin-off show before the newly re-engaged NeNe and Gregg Leakes do:

“Not aw. You mean really? So this is for the spin-off reality show you’re going to try and get before NeNe and Gregg?”


Wendy went on to say that she was skeptical about Todd’s motives and intentions and dug in Kandi some more for continuing to introduce her daughter to men that she hasn’t known for that long:

“Todd is an opportunist to me. They were together way too short and Kandi, we’ve talked before. I just think that you’ve introduced too many guys to your little girl way too soon.”


She tried to lighten her slamming of Kandi and Todd’s engagement up just a little by saying that if Kandi’s daughter is fond of Todd, then she is okay with them getting married:

“Riley likes Todd. If it’s okay with Riley, then it’s okay with me.”


Wendy Williams already pissed off the Bey Hive for going in on how Beyoncé talks and now Kandi Burruss’ fans are probably going to come after her as we know celebrity stans can get a little crazy over their faves.


  1. Wendy is such a bitter person. She needs to worry about her own household before she calls anyone else out. Rumor has it her husband has an obsession with trannies and beats on her on a regular basis. Have a seat ma’am.

    1. Agreed! Wendy really gets on my last nerve. She’s always calling someone else out but her whole life has been and still is a MESS.

  2. For once, I actually agree with this man. I told yall Kandi needs to get a prenup for this dude. Something about him isn’t right to me and Kandi has always been gullible when it comes to men. She can’t seem to catch on to when a man is using her. Remember the last dude? Umm yeah. May he RIP but his intentions weren’t good either. She just can’t be single for some reason.

  3. Oh Wendy please. Kandi is a grown woman. Is she can’t detect when she’s being used, that’s her own problem. We don’t know much about Todd still, except what he does for a living. She needs to let them live. Seriously.

  4. This old bish needs to pay her bills before she talks about anyone else! She owes millions of dollars for that failed shoe line of hers and almost got someone killed because of that debt! Plus her husband has no hustle of his own and leeches off everything she does. She can’t talk about anyone!

  5. Oh Wendy please. You’re married to a man that depends on you to keep the bills paid. At least Todd has his own job. Hypocrite.

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