Beyonce’s Dad Accused of Threatening His Baby Mama

Photo Credit: Cornel Pex
Photo Credit: Cornel Pex

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s no question that 2013 is Beyonce’s year. The singer has been confirmed as the headline act for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show,  she has a documentary coming out soon on HBO, her fifth studio album is dropping soon, she’s performing at the Inauguration again, she also inked a multi- million dollar deal with Pepsi, and she she’s taking over magazine covers with a vengeance. Motherhood hasn’t managed to slow down Beyonce much, and it’s clear that the singer is excited to get back to making music and being a business woman who is continuously adding on to her brand.

Although Beyonce likes to keep her private life private, that’s not always easy to do when you’re famous.

As it was recently reported, Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles had a child outside of his marriage to Tina Knowles. He originally denied that the baby was his, but a paternity test would later prove that the baby boy was indeed his offspring.

It’s rumored that the new baby put a strain on his marriage to Tina and his relationship with Beyonce but it’s recently been speculated that Beyonce and Matthew are slowly working on putting things back together (reports claim he was there for Blue Ivy’s birth), Beyonce hasn’t said much about her father since it was confirmed that he had a baby outside of his marriage.

Well it looks like things have just gotten messier between Matthew and his baby mama Alexsander Wright.

According to TMZ, she’s claiming that Matthew threatened her and now she wants more money in child support so she can “pay for security.” Apparently, he’s currently paying $12,000 a month.

Here’s the report from TMZ:

Wright claims she needs security because of a “threatening” email Knowles sent her back in September 2011, in which he wrote, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

According to the docs, Wright also wants additional dough to cover expenses for a secure, private school.

Sources close to Knowles tell TMZ … he faithfully pays child support, adding the only reason he hasn’t paid expenses for schooling is because they haven’t agreed on the school.

We’re told Knowles thinks Wright’s latest legal move could backfire because his income has drastically decreased since the original order was issued. As you know, Beyonce gave him walking papers in 2011.

Knowles believes the judge could actually reduce his monthly payments.


  1. Had he kept his d-ck in his pants, he wouldn’t have had to deal with all of this. Some of these men are so stupid when it comes to women. This woman was looking for a pay day and she got it by spreading her legs open.

  2. This is the real reason why Bey fired him. She wasn’t going to let her money go to this gold digger and her new lifestyle. Smart move Bey.

  3. He’s a smart business man, but clearly he’s stupid when it comes to women. Did he really think this would end well? If this chick is getting $12,000 in child support and wants more for dumb sh-t like “security” then she probably poked holes in the condoms too. She had a plan from day one to never work again.

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