Faith Evans Talks Beef with Lil Kim & Biggie on the Wendy Williams Show

Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show
Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s always been known that The Notorious Big’s love life was a complicated one. The rapper was rumored to be quite the ladies man to those that knew him well. and despite his weight, he still had a way with women. Considered as quite the charmer, it’s no surprise that he was able to eventually break R&B singer Faith down despite the numerous times she turned him down. Even though the former couple didn’t date very long, they eventually got married and this managed to complicated Big’s love life even more because he had an ongoing romance with female rapper Lil’ Kim secretly on the side, despite his relationship and marriage to Faith.

After catching Lil Kim in the bed with Biggie allegedly, Faith and Lil Kim were certainly at odds. Things between them didn’t necessarily get any better right after his death, and old feelings were revisited with Faith, P Diddy and Big mother Violetta Wallace collaborated to develop the rapper’s first big screen biography.

Lil Kim made it clear that she was angry about the biography and claimed it made her look bad, while not telling the true story. But many figured at some point Lil Kim and Faith would bury the hatchet, especially since big has been dead for many years.

In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, Faith revealed that she and Lil Kim still aren’t on good terms, and reveals what happened the last time they saw each other. Faith even speaks on whether or not Big’s family is still working with the police to bring his murderer to justice.

On finding Big’s murderer, when asked if they have given up on finding the killer, Faith says:

“Oh no, we haven’t laid it to rest. We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything. We never entered into any lawsuit for financial gain. We’ve spent millions of dollars just in lawyers fees over the years. But the case, a lot of people think that it’s over with, but we just felt like when they’re going to step up and say ‘Hey, we’re going to solve this thing,’ then we’ll pick it back up. But there’s no point in paying lawyers fees when the LAPD isn’t cooperating and doing their part.”


Faith even says she’s put her beef with Lil Kim behind her because she’s in a better place. Unfortunately she found out recently that Lil Kim didn’t and she even claims Kim dissed her the last time they saw each other:

“Oh, I’m not tripping. I made peace, first of all with God a long time ago, especially once we lost him [Biggie], I mean all of that certainly went out the window.

“I would even say before he passed away, I been removed myself of any ill feelings towards her for that.

“The last time I did see her, I don’t see her much, but I actually was trying to congratulate her on [Dancing With The Stars]…we were at Puff’s White Party, and you know I ran up to her and got her attention. Like ‘Congratulations on everything, God bless you.’ And she looked at me and said, ‘Who is that?’

“(Laughs) So I think she knows where I was coming from and she knows that I’m in a different place.”



Check out the interview below:



  1. Biggies passed 15 years ago, not over 20 years. Who did their research before posting this article? Either way, its long enough that this so called beef shouldn’t even be brought up in an interview. I feel for Faith that any questions about BIG still comes up in her interviews. Poor woman has been widowed with 2 kids, married and divorced again, with another kid from that union and people still mention BIG in her interviews. She has such talent and a beautiful voice, give the woman her due respect. Goodness…

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