Is Eve Pregnant? Rapper Talks Pregnancy Rumors, Music, Love & Stevie J.

Photo Credit: Mika-photography
Photo Credit: Mika-photography

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Eve pregnant? For the last couple of years, Eve has been in a serious romantic relationship with multimillionaire Maxmillion Cooper and things have been going very well for the couple. Eve has taken a hiatus from her music career for a few years, and the female rapper is set to make a return to the scene with a new studio album this year. Eve is also set to return to the scene as her ex boyfriend Stevie J. has become a star in his own right with his new stint as a reality television star thanks to his appearance on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The producer became somewhat of a household name thanks to his “love triangle” with Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust, which is one of the biggest factors behind the show’s huge ratings over the summer.

Eve has already expressed that her past with Stevie J. has prevented her from being able to watch the show, and she cites the breakup being due to the fact that Stevie couldn’t be faithful to her.

Despite that, Eve is determined to focus on her new music and hopefully find success  in a female rap industry that seems to be dominated by just one artist at the moment (Nicki Minaj).

In a recent interview with Black America Web, Eve talks her new music, her love life, Stevie J. and those pesky pregnancy rumors that have been following her around since late last year.

On why she feels the need to return to the music industry now:

“Music is cyclical. Times change. The stuff that’s out – some of it I like. But there is too much testosterone in the game. I do think there is a void for a certain type of woman or female. There’s a voice that’s not being heard. Not everyone likes the fantasy kind of thing. People want reality in their life. People want to feel feelings and know about problems and hear stories about real life and I think that’s what’s lacking and that’s what’s missing. Hopefully I can break through and be that voice. I always thought I was a regular around-the-way chick with a great job.”


Eve also claims that she didn’t want her album to have too many big name collaborations and mentions who will be making an appearance:

“I didn’t want it to be a whole name driven project. There’s a kid named Jukebox, a kid named Radio, a kid named Snow. Swizz Beatz. Chrisette Michele and Dawn Richard are on it. Juicy J and Pusha T are on the remix to “She Bad Bad.”


On how things are going in her current love life:

“It’s good. It’s different. I don’t even know how we wound up together. I really don’t. But it works and we’re happy and it’s really good and it’s nice. I love him.”


Her thoughts on her past romance with Stevie J.:

“We had a good time. But unfortunately, yes. I must have just been too young and too blind. It is what it is. I was a young girl with that situation. But yeah, there were signs. (Laughs).”


And when it comes to those pregnancy rumors, Eve denies she is pregnant and claims the only due date she has is the one for her next album:

“I do have a due date! It’s May 14 for the album.”


There you have it.


  1. I hate that Eve, one of the best female rappers ever has to talk about Stevie J. in all of her interviews. I mean seriously, I know she’s tired of talking about him. I know I would be.

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