American Idol Star Shades Beyonce for ‘Lip Syncing,’ Then Gets Dragged on Twitter

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram
Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Beyoncé has a lot in store for 2013 as she is set to cover Vogue magazine, release a documentary on HBO and perform during half time for the upcoming Super Bowl which the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will be playing in. Not to mention jaws are still dropped over her GQ cover. And to top it all off, she was invited to sing the Star Spangled Banner at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. After receiving massive amounts of praise for her beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, Beyoncé instantly went under fire after a U.S. Marine band member said that she was lip syncing the song and was not performing it live. Those who hate Beyoncé the most were having a field day off of the news while many of her fans were defending her decision. As for other artists and celebrities, many of them still kept with their same thoughts as they didn’t look at all to discredit how great she sounded, live or not, and that there is no questioning the raw talent that she has. A former American Idol contestant though had her own words for Bey and her alleged lip sync performance. Frenchie Davis, the past Idol contestant who was given the boot from the show after admitting that she posed topless for an adult website, took to her Facebook fan page to throw some serious shade at Beyoncé for not singing live and chastised Americans for not being hard on her because she is pretty.

Here’s Frenchie Davis’ post that got deleted from her Facebook fan page:

“Maybe being on Broadway and having to sing 8 shows a week for four years has me delusional, but I am so confused on when lip synching became acceptable. We are reading People for blood because they had a fake girlfriend and defending b*tches for lip syncing because they’re pretty??? Get it together America.”


And shortly after, the Bey Hive got a hold of the post. And then they got a hold of Frenchie and dragged her like a rug (Read from bottom to top):

frenchie davis diss 3frenchie davis diss 6frenchie davis diss 7

frenchie davis diss 1

frenchie davis diss 4frenchie davis diss 5

Frenchie Davis’ mentions were in complete shambles for the remainder of the night, aside from the few times when the Bey Hive re-dragged Keri Hilson just for the fun of it.


  1. Did this washed up heffa really go there? And what does Bey being pretty have to do with anything? Sounds like Frenchie is just mad because she isn’t pretty. That’s not Bey’s fault. Sloppy heffa.

  2. I still don’t think she lip synced. There’s a video on YT that shows she was actually singing. People like to believe the worst about this woman because they aren’t sh-t in their own lives.

  3. LOL they dragged her a-s. Serves her right. When you put out negativity and hate, you will get it back ten fold.

  4. People are making too bog out of a deal of this. Singers have been doing this for years. I hope yall post what Aretha said. People who don’t know squat about singing are making this more than it is.

    And don’t get me started on Frenchie. She’s a disgrace, and that’s what she’s really mad about.

  5. The Beyhive probably had to google her before they could go in. Hell, I forgot she even existed until I went to Wikipedia and it pretty much reminded me she was the American Idol reject that got kicked off due to her gross porno pics.

  6. I would say the media blew this up because it was a slow news day, but a school shooting occurred yesterday.I guess it’s now confirmed that our society has gone to sh-t and doesn’t want to be informed anymore.

  7. People are so stupid. Out of all the things to be upset about, people care about whether or not Bey lip synced. Idiots.

  8. She’ll be fine. People are so jealous it’s sad. I’m glad Frenchie got dragged. You get back what you put out always!

  9. Who cares what this fat bitter bish thinks? I’ll still be supporting Bey. All the hate she gets makes me support her more.

  10. Much ado about nothing when more serious things are happening in the world. I swear, this country is full of idiots.

  11. Who cares, wait, I know who cares. the Bey haters! Shocker! This woman will still be successful and overcome this controversy like she did the last one. People are so bitter it’s disgusting. I like Bey, she is one of the last black singers out here that wants to be a role model.

  12. This is silly. I understand we have a right to our opinions but unless she was looking for publicity, she should never express something like what she did publicly.

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