Nicki Minaj Storms off American Idol Set After Spat with Mariah & Randy

Photo Credit: Christopher Macsurak
Photo Credit: Christopher Macsurak

By: Taren Vaughan

The new season of American Idol has officially begun and it is one that had plenty of controversy and drama surrounding it way before the first show aired. And it wasn’t the thought of seeing the new contestants that had folks talking about the show as it was the new additions to the judging panel that was the big talk of the new season of the talent show. Legendary singer Mariah Carey was one of the female entertainers asked to join the panel, along with Rapper Nicki Minaj, Mariah said to not be feeling the fact that the Young Money head Barbie would be sitting alongside her judging talent. And then the infamous Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey beef rumors started up, suggesting that things were getting ugly between them early on. Though the two denied ever having a beef, it was made clear after a cursing match went down on the set of the show that Nicki and Mariah were not seeing eye-to-eye. And while it has been Mariah that Nicki has been openly feuding with, a recent airing of American Idol revealed that the songstress is not the only judge on the panel that is rubbing Nicki Minaj the wrong way.

During the show’s auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, a contestant by the name of Summer Cunningham auditioned for the judges. And like all contestants who perform for them, was given feedback about how she did. After hearing enough of Mariah and Randy’s critiquing of Summer over a comment that she made about “doing the country thing”, Nicki spoke up in the girl’s defense and proceeded to go back and forth with Mariah and Randy for making contestants feel uncomfortable about their responses and “picking her apart” in reference to Summer.

A collective “Yes” was eventually given to the contestant and it was shortly followed by Nicki Minaj saying, “Maybe I should just get off the f*cking panel… I’m over it,” then storming off the set as she felt like her opinion was being brushed aside.

Peep the clip of what went down below and give us your take on it:


  1. She’s too sensitive. I think the problem is she doesn’t know how to throw shade, so when she out witted and outsmarted by Mariah and Randy (both know how to shade her and make her insecure), it really pisses her off. She’s in Hollywood now, and in Hollywood, people don’t throw tantrums, they shade. LOL.

  2. She was right though! They made too big of a deal on whether or not she should sing country or not, when it’s still the damn try outs. And Keith Urban got mad because she said she wasn’t trying to do Country anymore. How dumb is that? Smh at Nicki getting blamed for everything on that show.

    1. Naw, I’m with you on this one Barbee. They were focusing on the country thing more so than her talent itself.

  3. Honestly, I have to say I agree with Nicki on this one (they made too much of a fuss over whether or not she should sing country). The shade was unnecessary. It’s clear the other judges don’t respect her or believe she deserves to be there. I don’t like Nicki, but it’s like they hired her to play her and make her look stupid for ratings.

    1. Yeah I don’t like Nicki either, but it does seem like they wanted her on the show for token clown purposes. Oh well. All money isn’t good money. Maybe Nicki sees that now.

  4. I usually don’t comment and I’m not a Nicki fan either, but she did have a point. You keep asking the same question to get the response you want out of people. I guess for Nicki she just didn’t know the real nature of the game and these television shows. The realness is non-existent they look for people to fit their mold and they will try to mold you to accomplish that. I actually do agree with her, she just has to learn how to play their game better than them. Honestly I would leave after the season is over.

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