Miguel Falls off the Stage During Recent Performance

Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram
Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Miguel surely has a way with the ladies thanks to his impressive songwriting abilities and popular love songs that have made him one of the most intriguing up and coming R&B stars to watch. He’s insanely private about his personal life, but recently, it was reported that he was secretly engaged to his girlfriend of many years. Of course those rumors were shut down by his girlfriend, and the singer has managed to get people to focus back on his great music instead of his personal life. Now that he’s finally nominated for his first Grammy, things seem to keep getting better for the young heart throb, He’s even been confirmed to be collaborating with Beyonce on her fifth studio album, a moment Miguel says he still can’t believe.

One of the other things Miguel is praised for is his live performances. Usually praised for putting on a great show, fans of the singer claim he sounds great in person and is very exciting to watch on stage. But at one of his recent concerts in London, an exciting show got even more interesting when the singer got so into his performance and dance moves that he just fell off the stage.

While singing his hit song “Adorn,” the singer ended up “twirling” right off the stage.

Of course Miguel made light of it, laughed at himself, and spent a little time in the crowd with his fans before getting back on the stage to end the performance strong.

Check out the video:


You have to give it to Miguel for not letting a little fall hinder his show.


  1. I loved how he just smoove spun right off the stage. LOL. He was getting a little too into is best prince impersonation.

  2. Whew…too funny to see him twirl his little flippy azz right off the stage. I love him & his music. I wouldn’t have been me cause it would have been curtains if I would have fell like that. They’d have to flip the lights on n er’vything….hahaha

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