Beyonce Claps Back at ‘Lip Sync’ Controversy?

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram
Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a rather interesting week for superstar Beyonce as the singer has been accused of lip syncing the Star Spangled Banner at President Obama’s second Inauguration Ceremony. Beyonce’s supposed lip syncing scandal has been headline news for the majority of the week and has been talked about a lot more by the media than more pressing issues such as the school shooting that took place in Texas around the same time. Beyonce has been pretty mum about the drama, but everyone else seems to have something to say. While some people are criticizing her for allegedly doing something that is very common to the greatest of singers, Aretha Franklin even came forward and admitted that she thought that everyone’s fascination with the ordeal with was a bit silly and unnecessary.

Although video from the performance obtained from the Wall Street Journal later proved that Beyonce did not lip sync and did indeed sing live over the pre-recorded track, most of the media outlets refused to correct their original misreporting of the incident. We can’t say we’re surprised so many “news” outlets are being slow to correct their inaccurate reports, it’s just the nature of the business.

Regardless, Beyonce’s camp isn’t talking or responding to the allegations. But we do think that perhaps Beyonce has chosen to address the controversy in a much more subtle way, and instead of answering to her critics so to speak, she somewhat threw some classy shade on her Instagram account.

Last night, the singer posted a photo of herself shrugging in a sweatshirt that read “Can I Live?” Sure, the phrase is also one that her husband Jay-Z is known for in his music, but the fact that Beyonce chose to wear this shirt and post it amidst all the lip syncing controversy most likely means that Beyonce agrees with Aretha that all this chatter is very silly and she’s most likely not fazed at all. And by the looks of things, her fan base still supports her, so maybe she really shouldn’t be.



  1. No Bey, you can’t live as long as your life continues to be better than most. I’m glad she isn’t letting the BS get to her tho.

  2. Yasss!!!! Please tells the bitter a-s people to get off your t-ts! They stay doing the most for someone they claim they don’t like and is overrated. If I didn’t like someone, I wouldn’t give them that much thought. :-/

    1. Arrogant or realizing that other people’s opinions aren’t that serious? I think it’s the latter, especially when the people who do support her don’t care whether she lip synced or not.

  3. im just glad that she isn’t letting this get to her people know she can sing live with no music needed so whats the big deal with her singing over a pre recorded thing, theres biggers things that this world need to focus on unless people forgot that this world is still in debt and the people still turn down obama deals that he wants to do to help better this world all this and all the world can focus on is beyonce singing over a pre recorded anthem wow

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