Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kristina Upset with Cissy Houston Over New Book About Whitney

Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson
Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston has a new book out and it appears not everyone is too thrilled about what she’s revealing in the book. The new book, entitled, Remembering Whitney reflects on the Gospel singer’s life as one of the greatest singers of all times’ mother, as well as the obstacles she faced when she attempted to help Whitney get over her drug addiction. There really isn’t too many subjects she didn’t touch on, as she even talks about Whitney’s controversial marriage to Bobby Brown and even her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina’s tough time growing up while her mother struggled with drugs.

Some are labeling the book as a good old-fashioned Tell All, and Cissy is being criticized for writing a book while Bobbi Kristina is still grieving for her mother.

It really can’t be too surprising that rumors are suggesting that neither Bobby Brown nor Bobbi Kristina are happy about the release of this book, but both are angry for different reasons.

According to reports, Bobby is mad that he is being painted as a villain as usual and upset that he’s being blamed for Whitney’s downfall and addiction. Bobbi Kristina, however, feels it was somewhat shady for her grandmother to write a Tell All and depict her as being in danger of going down the same path of addiction as her mother. Here’s the report from the Chicago Sun-Times:

“Cissy Houston’s new memoir, “Remembering Whitney” is stirring some controversy. While the senior Houston doesn’t go so far as to blame her late daughter’s drug addiction on ex-husband Bobby Brown, I’ve learned he is not happy with how his former mother-in-law writes about him.

In the book, Houston actually disses Brown for what she perceived as his lack of true concern for Whitney. “He didn’t help her, that’s for damn sure,” Houston writes, making clear she believed the superstar married beneath her and “I tried to tell Nippy [Cissy’s nickname for Whitney] that I didn’t think Bobby was good for her.”

A close business associate of Brown says the singer “knows where he stands with Cissy and her relatively low opinion of him doesn’t come as any surprise, but he doesn’t like the overall tone of the book, which he thinks is Cissy’s way of trying to assuage her conscience about not doing enough to prevent Whitney’s death.”


And Bobbi Kristina, as we just mentioned, doesn’t seem to appreciate that her grandmother thinks she might suffer the same fate as Whitney:

“As for Houston’s granddaughter Bobbi Kristina, she too is said to be a bit upset about how her grandmother writes of her worries that Whitney’s only child could possibly be lured into the trap of addiction. It’s well-known that Cissy Houston has been unhappy with stories about Bobbi Kristina’s hard partying — and allegations of drinking and drug use.”


  1. I honestly feel like she shouldn’t have written the book so soon. Has Whitney even been deceased for a whole year yet? Maybe the estate needs money but this whole family has really been acting desperate for cash lately.

  2. I honestly don’t blame Bobby for Whitney’s downfall. Whitney was a grown woman. She had choices to make just like the next person. She made some bad ones and she paid for it. That’s life. People need to stop acting like she wasn’t born with a brain of her own.

  3. I have always wondered what was Whitney’s mom responsibility in all of it and why that has never been addressed by anyone. I have never forgotten how it was reported right after her death that Whitney was supporting her whole extended family at the time of her death and had been for a long time, including her mother. What tremendous pressure that must of been on her as a individual……and why wasn’t anyone working???? It always amazes me that when someone has actually made it financially how everyone seems to think that person is responsible for everyone’s financial support around them. Seems too much like leeching to me……and even now, they always appear so desperate for $$$$$. Get a job folks!!!!!! I have always gotten the impression from Whitney’s mother every time I have seen any press about her that she’s been very indignant about blaming everyone else around her daughter for the tragedy and never mentioning herself at all. As a mother, none of us are perfect. I would be directly opposite and blame myself for the rest of my life for not being able to save my child.

  4. I don’t blame Bobby for Whitney’s addiction. I think she was getting right before Bobby and they happened to happen and keep it going. I think its unfair to try to pin all this on Bobby. Mrs. Houston wants to say that “he sure didn’t help her…” well with all due respect – how can Bobby help Whitney when he couldn’t help himself? Addiction is a monster and unless you live it, you wouldn’t understand it.

    People always want to paint Whitney in this light – she was a human being with flaws all her own. She wasn’t this weak and impressionable person who was America’s sweetheart who got strung out on drugs and alcohol. My heart goes out to the Houston family but it bothers me to no end how we’re coming up on a year of Whitney’s passing and her mother is writing a tell all book. What ever happened to keeping your family together? Instead of fighting Bobbi Kris, try to help her as best you can. I guess some things we will never understand. Its hard enough on losing your mother at such a young age but then your grandmother treats you like an addict and a leper….

  5. Man oh man let this lady please rest in peace, I was always told don’t speak Ill of the dead, everybody is pointing fingers at each other because of guilt. What they need to do is get together and save this young lady who feels she has nothing or no one to live for.

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