Confirmed: Bobby Brown Didn’t Introduce Whitney to Drugs, Her Brother Did

Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson
Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As legendary as Whitney Houston was and still is as a singer, her personal life sometime overshadowed the huge set of pipes she was born with. With fame comes instant scrutiny, and Whitney’s marriage quickly began to grab more headlines than her music did. Married to Bobby Brown for about 15 years, it was speculated by many that the couple struggled with substance abuse. Rumors grew even louder when the couple had that controversial interview with Diane Sawyer, an interview that would haunt Whitney’s career forever. Bobby Brown would eventually get a reality show that would ensure that cameras will follow his life as well as Whitney Houston’s, and unfortunately, the world got a front row seat to the dysfunction of their marriage.

It’s always been alleged that Whitney was addicted to cocaine and some reports suggested the singer used to include crack in her marijuana/blunts.

Although Whitney and Bobby did get a divorce, for many years, many people would speculate that Whitney (America’s Sweetheart) had been introduced to drugs at the hands of her former husband.

After her death, even her autopsy would reveal that Whitney had drugs in her system.

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston has written a book on her experiences as being the mother to Whitney Houston and in the book, entitled Remembering Whitney, she recalls the moment she learned that Whitney used to do drugs with her older brother Michael.

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michael reveals that it wasn’t Bobby Brown that introduced Whitney to cocaine, but actually him.

He says:

“It’s painful. I feel responsible for her. I let it go so far. We were together most of the time, with her following behind me. I taught her how to drive. We played together. And everything you do together growing up, when you get into drugs, you do that together too. And it just got out of hand. This drug is rough.”


When Oprah flat-out asked him if he introduced her to cocaine and if Bobby came in the picture after the fact, Michael answers:

“I would say, yeah. We did everything together. So once I was into that, she followed suit.

“But you gotta [sic] understand, the 80s, it was acceptable. In the entertainment industry it was available and it wasn’t a bad word like it is now. We didn’t know.

“Bobby was…yeah he was after.”

Check out the interview below:


  1. I always thought she did drugs before Bobby. Oh well. They still had a toxic relationship that wasn’t good for either of them.

  2. Her video in 1982 I believe she was reeking with sweat, her interview was horrible and Bobby was not in the picture at that time but the drugs were. Its sad but let her RIP now!

  3. Whitney was a grown woman who did what she wanted to do. People need to stop looking for someone to blame her addiction on.

  4. This is getting absurd. Does it matter who introduced her to drugs?! The fact of the matter is she decided to use them! Now let her rest in peace.

  5. This is why I agree with people that said it’s too soon for Cissy to have written this book. It’s unleashing all these demons. Just let Whitney rest in peace.

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