Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Peter Twitter Beefs with Porsha Stewart’s Husband Kordell

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As if there wasn’t enough beefing on season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it now appears that the husbands on the show are being a little catty themselves. It’s no doubt that the star of the season is newbie Kenya Moore thanks to her over the top antics and her ability to beef with someone new just about every week on the show. As a result, many would consider her the messiest of the housewives, especially since the verdict is still unclear about whether or not she asked Walter Jackson to pretend to be her boyfriend for the cameras. Now that she’s over the whole Walter situation, she seems to have inspired cattiness among some of her other cast mates.

In particular, all of a sudden Cynthia Bailey seems to be “Team Kenya,” and despite the beef they had at the beginning of the season, even though Cynthia has decided to work with Porsha Stewart on putting together a pageant, she’s been quite the mean girl to Porsha and even a bit disrespectful about Porsha’s real “housewife” status. Cynthia even told the cameras that she felt Porsha would be the perfect person to assist her with the pageant because “she doesn’t have a job.” Ouch.

Porsha isn’t happy about Cynthia’s shady comments that were made about her housewife status, but later on in the episode, she confides to her husband Kordell that she feels like Cynthia is talking down to her in pageant meetings.  Kordell told Porsha that she needs to “check her.”

Apparently Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas didn’t like that too much because he took to his Twitter account to slam Kordell for the comments.

He tweets:

peter kordell beef

Of course, since Twitter is messy, one of Peter’s followers decided to retweet Peter’s tweets and mentioned Kordell so he could see it.

Kordell responded:

kordell peter beef

Peter didn’t back down from his comments, and said although he respects Kordell’s football career, he might want to watch what he says about his wife. Kordell didn’t take things to heart and said that Peter and Cynthia are “good people”:

peter thomas and kordell stewart beef


  1. Kordell doesn’t take any mess.He would smash Peter… Like he told his wife regarding kenya don’t apologize NO MORE you did it once and she tried to shade you. Dont do it again.
    Now Cythnia who is very two face. He was right to tell her to “check her”.

    I like Porsha and Kordell.

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