Did Safaree Cheat on Nicki Minaj? Safaree Speaks Out

Photo Credit: Dyllan
Photo Credit: Dyllan

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Nicki Minaj‘s rumored boyfriend Safaree Samuels get involved in some scandalous activity? Nicki Minaj has seen much success as a female rap artist as she has managed to accomplish things that those who have come before her hadn’t been able to do during their reign. And she has continued to find ways to add to her resume as Nicki has dabbled in cosmetics, releasing her own lipstick with MAC and fragrance. Yet one of the most talked about ventures that the rapper has taken on has been the gig that she landed with American Idol, that has gotten her locked into beefs with fellow judges on the show. With all the highs and lows of Nicki’s career, the man that she calls her best friend, Safaree Samuels, has been in the spotlight right along with the Young Money raptress ever since she got her big break back in 2009, landing her first major record deal. And throughout all the success that she has had with her career, Safaree, whom Nicki often refers to as SB, hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Both Nicki Minaj and Safaree claim that the relationship that they have is strictly platonic and that there is no romance between them at all, yet the talk of him being her boyfriend has continued. But the way that he tears into people when they talk smack about her makes people think that they are way more than just besties. Whether he is Nicki’s boo, best friend, or something in between, Safaree Samuels found his name caught in the middle of some rather scandalous news concerning a party that he was said to have attended.

According to Radar Online, Safaree recently engaged in some wild behavior during his time at a friend’s party that he attended out in L.A., one where some in attendance were supposedly using drugs. And while in attendance at the party, the source claimed that SB propositioned several young women at the party until he finally ran across a female who was willing to fulfill “his needs”. The woman was not however willing to do so without being given a little dough for her services, mouth service to be exact. It was also said that party goers instantly recognized Safaree as the boyfriend of Nicki Minaj as soon as he stepped foot in the door. To top things off, the woman was said to have been Beauty Dior, who had a former career in a film industry that, let’s just say, is for adult audiences only.

The news of Safaree’s alleged betrayal of Nicki spread like wildfire as most scandalous news does. Yet Nicki’s rumored boo extinguished it before the rumor went on too long:


Interestingly enough, the woman rumored to have been creeping with Safaree denied that anything happened between them in the club. Beauty Dior, a former “triple x,” star called into Atlanta radio station V-103 to dish the details to Big Tigger on Wednesday and claimed that although she was at the club, she never interacted with Safaree, nor did anything go down between them. She even suggested that she doesn’t even know him.


  1. LOL he probably did it. He is dating a woman who is more successful and famous than he is. And a man’s ego will kick in eventually…

  2. LOL a mess…I thought he wasn’t supposed to ever leave Nicki’s side the way he is usually always attached to her hips.

  3. I guess part of the BJ package he purchased by ole girl included keeping her mouth shut…at the appropriate time. ” I don’t even know him.” <—- -_-

  4. Safaree was with Nicki when she had nothing but she needs to move on. I never liked him for her. He acts a fool on Twitter and embarrasses her on a regular basis. I can’t cosign the dude that hit my fave in the face with a suitcase. I just can’t. She’s a boss and needs to be with another boss. IJS.

  5. Isn’t he trying to rap now? He probably emailed this story to the tabloids himself trying to get some buzz for his little rap career. He’s such a bum.

  6. Doesn’t Nicki keep his bills paid? He’s about to lose his meal ticket to a broke down porn star? He’s stupid.

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