Eyewitness Claims Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Safaree Really Did Cheat on Her

Photo Credit: Christopher Macsurak
Photo Credit: Christopher Macsurak

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s rumored boyfriend Safaree is getting the most attention he’s ever received after reports suggested that the female rapper’s hypeman and alleged boo got it popping with another woman in the club.  The woman who allegedly obliged to Safaree’s advances is “Triple X” star Beauty Dior. Safaree wasted no time slamming and denying the reports and also claimed he isn’t even famous enough to be a target of the tabloids. Beauty Dior even called into Atlanta radio station V-103 and told Big Tigger that the reports are false and she doesn’t even know Safaree. Despite their denials, an eyewitness has stepped forward and claims they saw everything go down between the two with their own eyes.

The eyewitness exclusively tells Radar Online what they saw go down that night:

“I know for a fact that he paid Beauty money for sex,” Sara tells Radar. “Beauty came out of the closet after she was with him and walked up to us and boasted, ‘I got my money, I can go home now!’ Then, less than 10 seconds later, Safaree walked out the same closet pulling up his pants!

“They weren’t discreet, nor was it a secret, it was just plain obvious for all to see what they had just done.

“After he finished with Beauty, Safaree approached me and tried to chat me up. He was walking up to girls all night, flirting and saying things like, ‘Can we get it on?’ It was disgusting and I felt terrible for Nicki.”


  1. This is why a woman has to date a man on her level. She’s basically keeping this man’s bills paid and he can’t even keep his junk in his pants. Ridiculous.

  2. I doubt he didn’t do this. He seems like the type to do something spiteful and has ego issues. What normal man throws Twitter rants? Chile…

  3. Nicki needs to get herself a real man. Dude is a clown. When he threw that b-tch fit on twitter that day because Cher said something he didn’t like about Nicki, I knew she was dating a fool.

  4. That’s how a lot of these “men” will do. They get jealous of your success so they start getting reckless and cheating because it makes them feel more like a man. Idiots.

  5. Oh well. There were several signs that this guy was a creep and Nicki ignored them because she knew him before her fame. I guess she feels like she owes him but she really doesn’t. She needs to dump this guy and get someone who is more mature.

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