Kobe Bryant Defends His Wife Vanessa on Twitter

Photo Credit: Gamerscore
Photo Credit: Gamerscore

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa gets a lot of criticism from people regarding her high-profile marriage to one of today’s biggest basketball stars. Vanessa has been labeled a gold digger by many, and when she confirmed she would be divorcing the basketball player months ago, many men were angry to hear that a divorce from Kobe meant half of his net worth would be given to his wife. Although the couple has decided to stay together, many keep Drake’s lyrics about Vanessa not “shooting in the gym” with Kobe in the back of their minds. And perhaps that explains why she even addressed the lyrics recently on her Instagram account. Vanessa feels it’s not fair for people like Drake to make certain assumptions about her because she is a very hands on mom to her family. Vanessa’s close acquaintances even claim that she doesn’t even use a nanny unlike most wives to high-profile athletes.

Now it appears that her husband Kobe is following suit and putting people in check when it comes to the statements they make about his wife.

The other day, one of the NBA star’s followers on Twitter decided to tweet Kobe the infamous lyrics and to the surprise of many, Kobe actually responded. Kobe made it clear that he thinks housewives should get more respect than they do from society. He also confirmed that despite what people may have heard about Vanessa, she is very hands on with their kids and she does not have a nanny to assist her with the day-to-day activities of keeping her household in order.

Peep the tweets:

kobe bryant drake diss


  1. I like Vanessa but sadly, people are going to always think she’s a lazy gold digger with like 5 nannies on deck. They need to just accept that reality and stop addressing this.

  2. That rude lil Asian dude who is in that Lame Twitter avatar needs to have a seat. Of course she wasn’t with him shooting in the Gym you dummy.

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