Oprah Gets Hit with Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Bill Ebbesen
Photo Credit: Bill Ebbesen

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Oprah Winfrey has established herself as one of the most successful black women in business and one of the most powerful women in media. Oprah still gets the biggest interviews and she has remained one of Hollywood’s favorite people to break the major stories to. Whether it’s Rihanna admitting to the world that she was still in love with Chris Brown while he was in his relationship with Karrueche Tran or cycling champion Lance Armstrong admitting that he doped up to solidify himself as a winner in the sport; Oprah hasn’t slowed down any despite her talk show ending a couple of years ago. Now that Winfrey has her own network, she’s still managed to keep her position as one of the richest and most successful women who’s ever done it.

Unfortunately for Oprah, with success comes lawsuits and sometimes even family drama. When she’s not being blamed for causing her dad’s divorce, she’s being accused for not treating other women fairly at OWN.

According to TMZ, a former female executive of Oprah’s television network claims the mogul was let go because she got pregnant.

Here’s the report:

According to a lawsuit filed Friday, Carolyn Hommel claims she was hired in 2010 as senior director of scheduling and acquisitions at Oprah’s OWN network. Hommel claims she was told she was on-track to become a VP, but says things took a sudden turn when she became pregnant.

According to Hommel … her duties were slowly transferred to a temporary employee and she was excluded from meetings when she returned from medical leave. Hommel claims she was let go ONE MONTH after giving birth and told to re-apply for the VP gig … only to be passed over.

Furthermore, Hommel claims her boss, Michael Garner, fabricated a performance review that “made Hommel’s job duties and responsibilities appear less ‘senior’ and therefore not a candidate for the new vice president position.”

Hommel allegees her dismissal was a direct result of her becoming pregnant and requiring a medical leave.


  1. Oprah ain’t no angel. She’s one of those “marriage ain’t all that, I don’t want no kids” kind of woman. And yes, they will give a woman the boot for being the exact opposite because they feel like women can’t be about their business and have a family at the same time. Half of the reason Oprah never married is because she didn’t think she could be wifey and powerful. She’s so wrong. There’s plenty of women out here doing both.

  2. I hope this isn’t true. If so, Oprah is low down. Not all women want to be single all their lives and be childless. She needs to be able to work with women who aren’t like her.

  3. WOW……2 sides to every story….then there’s the TRUTH….HARD TO BELIEVE THIS FROM THE “O” camp…..years of SUCCESS….HAS ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE SUED?

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