Mariah Carey Ignores Nicki Minaj in Meetings, Another Blow up Expected

Photo Credit: Fox
Photo Credit: Fox

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Mariah Carey still ignoring Nicki Minaj on American Idol? Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Idol’ beef has gotten more press than the contestants who are trying out for their shot to make it to Hollywood, much to the dislike of those who tune in to watch the show. What was once a made up beef according to the singer and rapper became real after they got into a profanity laced shouting match on the set of the show. And from that point on, it was clear that Mariah and Nicki were not on the best of terms and they have continued to fire shots at each other in interviews and songs. And as for the Head Barbie, the other panel judges managed to piss her off too as she stormed off the set after feeling like they were coming down too hard on a contestant and that her opinion wasn’t being heard. When it comes to Mariah though, Nicki Minaj flat out said that she thinks Mariah Carey doesn’t like her during one of her recent interviews. While Mariah wasn’t fully confirmed her dislike of Nicki Minaj, she has been said to have gotten pretty good at ignoring her, a source revealed to Heat Magazine:

“Whenever Nicki has something to say in meetings, Mariah completely ignore her and stares into space. It’s classic passive-aggressive behaviour and it’s driving Nicki mad. When Nicki speaks, Mariah turns her head to the side and goes off in her own little world.”


They went on to say that Mariah has a very calm demeanor on set, completely opposite of the firecracker that is Nicki Minaj. And that if Mariah continues to ignore her, there is no telling what the “hot-headed” rapper’s next move will be:

“While Mariah is very calm, Nicki is very hot-headed and passionate and there’s no telling what she might do if Mariah continues.”


Sounds like another blow up could be going down between these two before it’s all said and done.


    1. I am SO not a Nicki Minaj’s fan, but Mariah is doing the most right now and I don’t like her for it. I’m so tired of people saying that she has sold more records than Nicki and all of this, and that has nothing to do with ANYTHING! Her attitude is stank and she is so wack to me now.

  1. #TeamMariah all day. Classy women don’t have to scream and shout to put someone in their place. Silence can do it easily.

  2. Mariah honey, cut the mess out. You are do way too much. And Nicki, you need to have a seat. Ain’t no one checkin for u any more,

    I hate these two beefing honestly.

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