Wale Passionately Vents About Love for Strippers & Difficulty of Being a Conscious Rapper

Photo Credit: @walemmg Instagram
Photo Credit: @walemmg Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wale may be signed to Maybach Music Group, a label known for materialistic lyrics and being a “boss” thanks to Rick Ross, but Wale’s following and dedicated fan base have always supported the DC rapper because of his “conscious” rap lyrics. Wale has substance, so it’s no shocker that many were disappointed once they learned that he had signed with Rick Ross and the Maybach Music Group. Some people have even written Wale off as a “sell out” because of his new allegiance to MMG, however, Wale seems to understand the criticism, although he feels he hasn’t really changed. But apparently, some of his own supporters see a bigger change in him from his behavior on his Instagram account. Some of them aren’t too happy that Wale, a conscious rapper, seems to have a fascination with strippers and enjoys posting pictures of them on Instagram.

Tired of the criticism, the rapper used his Instagram account to vent about his frustrations with being a conscious rapper and his love for strippers.

He posted the following picture and caption while he was high and apparently after he had one too many drinks:

wale stripperlove

wale caption


While some people praised Wale for being transparent and addressing his critics, some of his fans are still disappointed that he would post these kinds of pictures on his social networking accounts. Regardless, Wale feels he is being transparent…by posting pictures of strippers on Instagram.

It appears that Wale may be another rapper whose transparency is a little bit of a turn off to his growing female fan base.


  1. Typical combination: Deep lyrics penned from a very basic dude. There was no reason to post this. I don’t get the hype over this guy. He raps the same flow on all his songs and he signed with MMG. I’m good.

  2. LOL. He’s feeing himself a bit too much. I guess he’s salty that a chick with substance turned him down. Smart chick whoever she was.

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