Wale Explains Recent Incident with White Woman

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wale decided to take a break from social media several weeks ago but that hasn’t done much to keep him out of drama.

The other day TMZ reported he got into it with a white woman outside of a nightclub, and now Wale is opening up about the situation.

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  1. I try so hard to root for this man because I love his music. I won’t lie, I’m glad he knocked that food out that racist’s hands.

  2. These days it seems funny that men think it’s ok to put there hands on a woman for any reason I don’t care if it is her food if it hadn’t been in front of so many people who knows? It’s not against the law to insult you or talk sh-t to you but you can’t “touch” someones body …….you men need to stop acting so wimpy

  3. I dont believe she blew smoke in his face. Hes blowing smoke up our a-s if he thinks were fonna believe that. Hes making sh-t up. He knew he was following her n harrassing her. Obviously. She just exhaled as she turned around. Hes a jerk and he shouldnt treat a young girl like that. She is a child and he is a grown fkn man. Thats P***y. Hes P***y.

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