Nelly’s New Girlfriend Claims She Didn’t Steal Him from Ashanti

Photo Credit: @lashontae Instagram
Photo Credit: @lashontae Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a rather interesting couple of months for former Hip Hop couple Ashanti and Nelly. The former couple pulled a Beyonce and Jay-Z and never really spoke publicly about their relationship, but it was always common knowledge that they were together. And they were romantically linked for years. However, it was reported a couple of months ago that they had called it off, and rumors suggest things ended because of infidelity. Some of the urban gossip blogs suggested Ashanti cheated, while Ashanti’s camp is claiming that it was Nelly who had been unfaithful to the R&B singer and songwriter.

And since things are over, the shade thrown between these two and their associates has been pretty thick. Now things are downright “ratchet,” as Ashanti’s younger sister Shia even threatened Nelly’s new girlfriend up and coming actress and video vixen Tae Heckard not to come to New York anytime soon because she’d get dealt with. Tae wasn’t in the least bit moved by the warning, and even Nelly took to his Twitter account to suggest that he doubts Ashanti’s little sis is “bout that life.”

Despite that, Ashanti’s loyal fans have been in Tae’s mentions since the news broke and she’s pretty much been given the “jump off” and “side piece” labels. But Tae finally addressed the situation on her Twitter account and informed her critics that she didn’t break Nelly and Ashanti up, nor has she ever been anyone’s “side piece.”

Peep the tweets (read from top to bottom):

nelly girlfriend twitter beef

nelly girlfriend twitter beef 2

nelly girlfriend twitter beef 3

nelly girlfriend twitter beef 4


  1. Doesn’t even matter. Ashanti needs to move on. When a man walks away from you, you need to have some dignity and walk away as well.

    1. Who says ashanti is worried about this?? Her sister and fans are doing all the attacking. Ashanti has been mute the entire time. She’s filming. Honestly, if it was “beef” nelly is nothing to beef over…..

  2. LOL of course she would deny it. Regardless, Ashanti has to move on. I know they were together for a longtime but he ain’t all that. Let Tae’s nobody a-s have him.

  3. Hmmm…i’m not so convinced. Why the hell is she speaking out about it? Guilty much? She is just mad she got put on blast.

  4. ashant wit some big football lookin nig in chucktown tho…….. These celebrities don’t be pressed for long at all. I ain’t mad tho, get $$$$$$$$$$

  5. Ashanti, is a H0 and she will always be a mistress!! When you sleep with another woman’s husband, you don’t have any good luck with men.

  6. Tae please you wasn’t the sidechick…yeah right. You an advocate for positivity among women just like A. Keyes until some good d-ck comes along. Hit dogs always holler.

    Tae spent Thanksgiving with Nelly. At that time he was still with Ashanti, so what do you call that? Plus she went to Vegas with Nelly before Ashanti’s birthday and we all saw the birthday pics of Nelly and Ashanti from the 2 birthday parties HE threw her in Atlanta. That’s just two instances of sidechick behavior.

    Girl please miss us with that lie.

    But it is whatever, Ashanti has moved on and hasn’t said anything about the situation. Both Tae and Nelly need to follow Ashanti’s lead and STFU!

  7. She is annoying tae is so cocky of her self she feeds off attention fr jerk thirsty fans she’s thirsty to be known so she’s gettin what she want attention with her no acting a-s that dumb movie back than she played in that look like it was a African movie she terrible

  8. What was Ashanti when she was fu%&n ole married boy from murder Inc. Guess that was cool. Yea whatever hypocrites.

    1. @f#$ktheh8ters ummm that sh-t about irv gotti & ashanti was NEVER true. He even confirmed that. It all started from that wendy williams show they just wanted something to say. Before you start talking please get your facts right!

  9. Missing the big picture Nelly been seeing this tae now some people wants to look down on Ashanti since Nelly been cheating on Ashanti This Nelly excuse to dis ashanti to be with his lesbiana Tae besides Ashanti is very pretty and not mixed up
    with different races ashanti is a black beautiful o e more Ashanti best thing is at lease u know what u want I cant say the same thing for Tae Nelly toss up with sharing his with a woman Ashanti girl he lost u cause u love him forget them theTae dealing with demonss why because shes Gay andd still Gay

  10. Straight from the Burg Nelly stop fooling yo self you got a New Girlfriend Only just a Dream
    %Ashanti come on and give, us some more that good music u still got dont care to nothing from Nelly music
    Thats how u get dis since u can talk Ashanti
    ST.P 727
    Keep it 100

  11. Who cares…………Ashanti appears to be a classy chick, grammy awards, etc., if he moved on so what, Ashanti is on an awrd winning show…………….not THE GAME, which is just ignorance in itself, she can sing and she seems like a nice person, so just let it ride folks, everybody in the situation is grown, so just let it be. i don’t know if the girl is a whore/side piece/video girl whatever but why in the world is she responding and defending herself via twitter, maybe they need to give her just a little more to do, so she won’t have time to read and RESPOND to that sh**.

  12. it is so crazy how some people dont have lifes there on here name calling defending folks they dont even know and will never meet and 9 times out of 10 if the artist was to meet you in the streets they wouldnt give you the time a day there are so much more to life then taking up for folks you dont know and wasnt in the sitution so cant really say what went on between the two we as people give these artist to much credit they go through threw life issues just like us they just have more money and on tv .

  13. Ashanti and Nelly was such a cute couple, I do not like this Tae girl for him, Ashanti is much classier. An about the cheating they have both broken up a couple of times, I am sure they have both been with other people. I think they can both work that relationship out. It just seems that Nelly does not want a commitment.

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