Two New Assault Allegations Surface Against Nelly

Photo Credit: Instagram

Just as things began to smooth over for Nelly as previous allegations were thrown out, two more surfaced recently.

The allegations detail multiple occurrences where Nelly allegedly attempted to force himself upon women after concerts backstage.

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  1. I’m Not so quick to believe no woman in a happily married relationship or any woman for that matter who went to go see Nelly who ain’t made a song in decades that was worth airplay and paid to get backstage to “see” him and take pictures who proceeded to go in a private room With a man they don’t even know celebrity or not when they came for a picture…. no ma’am.

    1. Hmm. ?. Interesting comment. Just bc an artist hasn’t made music for awhile doesn’t mean that he/she has lost their fan base. For sure if Michael Jackson or Prince was still living I’d want to meet or “see” them if given that opportunity. Not bc I idolized them but bc of human nature I’m curious to meet them in person. Furthermore, ppl do have “crushes” or attractions to the entertainers. It doesn’t give anyone the right to be violated or taken advantage of. Most ppl don’t expect to be s-xually assaulted by someone regardless to the circumstances.

    2. agree. C3leb status or not he is stl a human being and any woman know not to go into a empty room with a man away from everyone else just to take a picture come on!!

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