Lil Kim Still Thinks She’s Responsible for Nicki Minaj’s Success

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj’s beef isn’t new, as many people admitted they caught a dose of deja vu when Nicki Minaj first came bursting onto the rap scene. Lil Kim’s fans consider the female emcee as the first “Black Barbie,” however, Nicki has established herself as the Head Barbie of Young Money. Even Nicki’s entire fan base are affectionately referred to by the rapper as “barbs.” There have been numerous comparisons made between the two female rappers, and both are known for being outrageous and innovative when it comes to their hair and fashion sense. Lyric wise, both have proven that they can hang with the best on any track, although Nicki has been more of a pop star lately than a hip hop act. And that alone is why Nicki feels like at times that the industry is against her and considers her a sellout.

Although both Nicki and Lil Kim have taken shots at one another in their lyrics, the beef hasn’t done much to hinder Nicki’s career. And Nicki has pretty much gone on to become a huge star in her own right, and she’s achieved more than Lil Kim has at this point in her career. That’s a hard pill to swallow for Lil Kim’s supporters, and at times Lil Kim herself. But perhaps people can understand Kim’s frustration when she honestly feels Nicki used her image to succeed.

Lil Kim has moved on past the back and forth with Nicki, and now she’s focused and working on new music. She’s not saying much about Nicki these days, however, when TMZ caught up with her and asked her if she feels like she is responsible for Nicki’s success, Lil Kim was honest and made it clear that she still feels Nicki wouldn’t be where she is today had she not paved the way.

Kim tells TMZ:

“I think that’s self-explanatory. If you have to ask that, I think you know the answer!”


The internet has also been buzzing because recent sightings of Lil Kim appear to show that she may have had even more plastic surgery. And from the looks of this video, it definitely does look like she’s had more work done to her face.

Check out the clip and hear what Lil Kim has to say about Nicki Minaj owing her all of her success.


  1. Oh please! Nicki doesn’t owe her squat! I wish she would just let it go. Nicki has achieved more in a few years than Kim’s achieved this whole time.

  2. Did BIG abuse her? She probably still has the victim syndrome where she has incredibly low self esteem. She has completely ruined her face.

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