Rihanna Speaks on Her Slutty Reputation?

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If it’s one thing we’ve always appreciated about Rihanna, it’s always been her transparency. The international pop star has no qualms with doing what she wants and speaking her mind in her interviews. And Rihanna is who she is and makes no apologies for it, so it’s no shock that she not only took Chris Brown back in her life because she wanted to, and it is no surprise that she really doesn’t seem to care too much about how it makes other people feel. But with the image of being a bad girl who does what she wants automatically comes the “ho” label. And Rihanna has been rumored to have bagged quite a few pieces of Hollywood eye candy. While it’s purely nothing but speculation for today’s biggest pop rebel, now even rappers such as Drake and Waka Flocka are suggesting there’s some truth to the rumors of Rihanna being easy.

Well it looks like Rihanna is finally speaking on how she feels about the tramp label people have given her for being a little raunchy on Instagram and being rumored to have hooked up with multiple men since her public breakup with Chris Brown in 2009.

And we have to say, we’re not at all shocked by Rihanna’s response, even though we did find it to be a hilarious one. But it appears that Rihanna thinks the label she’s gotten most likely stems from jealous females.

Here’s a comment she wrote on a photo on Instagram that has been circulating on the social networks:

rihanna instagram

And since we’re on hilarious subjects and Rihanna did deliver as usual with her witty responses to her critics, there’s some rather hilarious gossip circulating about the singer. Life & Style Magazine is claiming that she hooked up with Justin Bieber sometime last year. The celebrity magazine claims the two met at a basketball game and hooked up in February 2011 after flirting. The magazine reports:

Another source claims Rihanna and Justin Bieber may have slapped bodies as recently as last November at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“During breaks, they’d sneak away to the Hotel Giraffe,” the insider dished. “They were alone … their security made sure of it. [They] blocked off the entire floor.”


We’re finding this one a little too hard to believe…but what are your thoughts? Does Rihanna make a good point about the “ho” label, and could it be possible that the Bajan beauty broke up Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?


  1. LMAO!!!! Well yes, some women throw the word ho around because of jealousy BUT rappers are even saying she gets around. So I think she’s shading the wrong gender.

    And yes, I doubt she got it in with Bieber. He’s way too short for her, and he’s not attractive.

  2. Rih don’t want Bieber. He’s not even a man yet. She doesn’t date boys. And she’s right, most of the women calling her a slut are lonely and jealous.

  3. A ho is a woman who gets around. If that’s what she does, that’s the label she’s going to get. But I will say I don’t think she’s slept with all the people the tabloids are claiming she slept with. She seems like she’s too in to Chris Brown to be doing all of that. I could be wrong, but that’s just my take on it.

    And yeah, I laughed at the Bieber story. No way in hell can I see her wanting Justin’s little behind.

  4. Most women are hos nowadays. So when they call out Rihanna, they need to be looking at themselves first. If you have been giving it up to men that aren’t your husband, you have no room to talk.

  5. I had to laugh at her comment. She’s witty as hell with her comebacks, but in real life, she’s kind of dumb. I don’t care how many men she’s slept with, that’s her vag, not mine. I’m just disappointed that she took Chris back and the guy has already shown that he hasn’t changed much. But it’s her life, no matter how f-cked up it seems.

  6. LOL Rihanna needs to have a seat. People are calling her a ho because her own peers in the industry are calling her a ho. She’s mad at the wrong people. She needs to check Drake, Waka Flocka, and all those athletes running their mouths about her.

  7. I seriously love that this chick does not give a f-ck about what other people think. That is the key to happiness. I say kudos to her and people don’t take yourselves too seriously! Smile a little and relax!

  8. rihanna is bad a-s lol. while were on the subject why doesn’t anyone call Taylor Swift a hoe? Doesn’t she date a bunch of men every month and write songs about them? Oh I know why because she is a white girl in America so the “hypocrites” of a certain race pretend that shes innocent and is not a hoe. # pathetic #hypocrites

  9. I think she’s a ho, I’m not a bit jealousy of her or lonely. I get d-ck too but it’s one thing getting it from everyone and getting it from one person all the time, that makes her a ho. As of the bieber thing with Rihanna’s easy ways I won’t be suprised. She must be very insecure of herself to open her legs up to just anyone and thinks its cute. A life like that will make her lonely in the long run, remember the past always comes back to haunt you, depending on choices you make!

  10. Well she IS a ho. She acts like one. Then again, maybe she’s NOT screwing the guys we see her with – maybe she’s just hanging out with them & not having sex. Who knows. But I’ll say this about Rihanna, she lives & does what she wants to do with no regard for what people and “the world” thinks or says. And that’s how you are supposed to live. Sheittttt ….. I’m learning ALOT from her LOL #REALTALK

  11. Well Rihanna is hella sexual with her lyrics . Explain ” suck my cockiness , like my persuasion ??!” She’s a natural born freak . But you can be a freak and not be sleeping with everybody , just one person . Bt at the end of the day …. Who are people to be calling her a hoe ?? Because she’s famous … I feel like there too many of those to be only worried about what she’s doing

  12. If your not a ho and the best answer you can come up with is a crappy answer like that well you a ho there is a lot of sh-t rihanna has done that she is proud of because it pleased her I do believe she f-cked bieber to because she is still a child and she had no answer for the people about it 🙂 so with that being said she a hoe foe sho

  13. What a load of rubbish. Any woman can get d**k 24/7 – it’s not jealousy or loneliness. I am 46 years-old and I can get laid 7 days a week by different men if I wanted to. Point being, ALL women have opportunities for d**k, it doesn’t make her anything special.

    Fact is, she was once a lovely girl with so much talent. And now she looks like a hooker on some dingy street corner in New York. Ain’t no one jealous of that.

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