Real Housewives of Atlanta Salaries Per Episode Expected to Increase

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Real Housewives of Atlanta salaries per episode is a pretty debatable subject. It’s clear that for the last few seasons, NeNe Leakes was pretty much the star of the series, and as a result, she’s had many opportunities since making her debut appearance on the show. Since embarking on reality television stardom, NeNe is now a real actress, and she’s establishing herself as a serious actress who appears on multiple shows. So considering that NeNe is now an even bigger star, it makes since that she is still the top billed housewife. NeNe is rumored to make about a million a season, and with ratings at an all time high this season, it’s rumored that NeNe and the rest of the housewives could see a significant increase in their salaries.

LA Late reports:

“Major RHOA salary increases for Phaedra Parks, Nene Leakes and all the Atlanta Housewives are expected for the next Bravo season. Last Sunday’s Phaedra Parks Kenya Moore showdown delivered record ratings for Bravo. Next week’s Kenya Moore’s cancer health scare episode is expected to do the same for Bravo. In fact, RHOA ratings have been so high for Bravo this season the reasonably budgeted Housewives show has been beating the big budgeted film cable dramas that week.”


As we recently reported, the cause for the surge of the ratings is Kenya Moore. Moore has been the center of most of the season’s drama, and she even been labeled as the reason why RHOA was finally able to dethrone Kim Kardashian in ratings.


  1. Great! The show wouldn’t be anything without Kenya! However Porsha needs to go! They might could cut Phaedra too…

  2. Why does everyone hate on Kenya so muc , she does exactly what they all do … stop hating on Kenya !! all the ppl that hate on Kenya kick freaking rock

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