Joan Rivers Drags Rihanna for Getting Back Together with Chris Brown

Photo Credit: David Shankbone
Photo Credit: David Shankbone

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been made official that former teenage lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. Rihanna confirmed the romantic reunion in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, and made it clear that despite all the harsh criticism she will get by making what could be a mistake, it is her mistake to make. Rihanna feels the backlash isn’t helpful to their situation and she honestly feels Chris has changed enough for their relationship to be much healthier than it was on the night in 2009 when he assaulted her.  Although Rihanna has made it clear that she wants to live her life and can’t worry about how people may feel about it, she hasn’t managed to shut up the critics of their relationship.

Just days after Rihanna was slammed by the New York Post and labeled as a “disgrace to all women,” it appears that Joan Rivers is now taking shots at the singer for taking back Chris Brown after he viciously attacked her the night of the Grammys in 2009.

Now this isn’t the first time Joan has went after Rihanna concerning her love for Chris Brown. Last year, Rivers came for Rihanna on Twitter after Rihanna admitted in her interview with Oprah that she was still in love with Chris and felt he was her true love.

Joan suggested on Twitter that she ought to slap some sense into Rihanna for saying such a thing, and Rihanna responded by taking shots at her age and told her she needed to slap on some diapers.

Joan however can not be silenced by anyone, so during a recent episode of Fashion Police, after suggesting Rihanna was a nominee for Best Dressed at the Grammys, she then looked into the camera, and took shots at her relationship.

Joan says:

“Rihanna, with Chris Brown you’re not bright like a diamond…you’re dumb as a rock.”


Ouch. Rihanna hasn’t responded yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she “claps back” on her Twitter account like she did the last time.


  1. So is this what the media is going to do for next couple of years these two date or however longer they date? I just wonder when will the media just let them live? I guess never. If that is the case, they really are the new Bobby and Whitney.

  2. Rihanna doesn’t need to respond because if she does, the media will only get worse. They love when they know they can get to celebs. EIther way, they both have to get used to this. The criticism won’t be ending anytime soon.

  3. One thing Joan has always had is wit. Rihanna tried to go toe to toe with her last time and lost. She can’t see Joan with the insults. Joan does this sh-t in her sleep. Lmbo.

  4. LOL Joan really doesn’t five a f-ck. She just said what a lot of people are thinking. But Rihanna knew it would be like this. She can either sink or swim.

  5. This ole wrinkled a-s b-tch needs to have several seats and worry about why she can’t stop smiling even when she’s angry. Plastic ho.

  6. Instead of being mad at Rhianna for getting back with Chris, Joan Rivers should be mad at the plastic surgeon who jacked up her face! She needs to cut it out!!

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