Wale Speaks on Dislike of Kelly Clarkson’s Comments to Miguel at the Grammys

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By: Taren Vaughan

Wale falls right into the category of being one of the most conscious yet sometimes controversial rappers out right now. And he has no problem whatsoever letting people know how he really feels about things. Using his social network accounts to vent about the backlash that he gets for showing the world how much he adores strippers through pics that he posts and addressing those who find humor in his MMG label mate Rick Ross’ drive-by shooting incident that happened not too long ago, Wale will find any way that he can to let his voice be heard loud and clear. And he had some things to say about the acceptance speech that Singer Kelly Clarkson gave after she won the award for Best Pop Vocal album. The former American Idol winner went up to receive her award and during her acceptance speech, Kelly gave what some feel was a shout out with shade to Singer Miguel, who was nominated for several awards himself. And while she was rattling off all the artists that she loves, Kelly Clarkson mentioned Miguel’s name and said:

“I don’t know who the h*ll you are but we need to sing together I mean good God!”

In the same breath, Kelly gave Miguel props for his performance with Wiz Khalifa and expressed her desire to get in the studio with him.

After talking with MTV News about the moments during the Grammy Awards that he enjoyed the most, one of them being the tribute to Bob Marley, Wale spoke on what he was not impressed with as the rapper emphasized the fact that he was not feeling the comments that Kelly Clarkson made to Miguel:

“I didn’t like the Kelly Clarkson back-handed comments to Miguel. I didn’t like that at all. I just feel like our urban music is belittled, a little bit. Not trying to offend nobody on the committee, but for a record as big as ‘Adorn,’ and it to not be presented as a real performance onstage; it was almost like a segue to an award. Again, I don’t want to offend anybody on the committee, but that wasn’t a very good representation of our music because ‘Adorn’ is gonna be around for the next 30 years.”

Wale was not the only one as quite a few people felt that her comments served as more of a diss than a compliment.

What do you think? Did Kelly Clarkson throw shade to Miguel or are people overreacting about what she said?

For those who missed it, peep the clip of Kelly Clarkson’s acceptance speech:


  1. I have to say I agree although I don’t think she intentionally meant to throw shade. All in all, R&B gets ignored too much by the Grammy committee.

  2. I like Kelly Clarkson and she for sure didn’t shade Miguel. A lot of pop and country artists have no clue who certain r&b and rap artists are. He should be glad that she even mentioned Miguel at all cause she didn’t have to that. I like Wale but all this girly crying he doing is making me start to wonder things about him!!!

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