Moving on? Karrueche Parties with Drake

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is a Karrueche,Drake romance in the works?  The “love triangle” between Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Karrueche Tran may finally be over. After calling things off with Karrueche last October and still being photographed with her in settings that didn’t seem business like, it appears that Chris has made his choice and is now back together with Rihanna. Rihanna even confirmed that she and Chris are giving their romance another shot in her recent interview with Rolling Stone. Although the couple has already been criticized for going with what feels right in their hearts; they do appear to be moving forward with their relationship regardless. They even made a public appearance together at the Grammys, and the body chemistry tells a tale of two happy people.

Karrueche is now forced to pick up the pieces, but her new modeling contract makes it hard for her to walk away from the spotlight, especially when the paps are still following her around sans a romantic relationship with Chris. Perhaps Karrueche is planning to use the extra attention for something beneficial to her career or perhaps she’s thinking about snagging another celebrity because it was confirmed that she was partying the other day with one of Chris Brown’s enemies and Rihanna’s ex Drake.

Here’s the report from The Daily Mail:

“She has been scarcely able to stop talking about her ex Chris Brown in recent months.

“But it seems Karrueche Tran has finally moved on after she showed off her latest boyfriend at the Grammys on Sunday.

“She dragged self-styled public relations mogul J. Ryan La Cour along as they partied with the likes of Drake and Diddy in Los Angeles.”


Karrueche’s hiring of a publicist and new commercial modeling contract may have confirmed that although she may no longer be dating Chris, she has no plans to give up the celebrity life anytime soon. Could Karrueche pull an Amber Rose (as our readers would say) and snag another high-profile celebrity relationship? Only time will tell.


  1. Very pretty girl…she will snag her another celeb. That’s how they all do. I ain’t even mad. But I don’t see it happening with Drake. He likes trashy video vixen chicks.

  2. This is my boo, but she ain’t got the body for Drizzy. Yall know he has a type. He likes them slutty, ran through, with big booties. That ain’t Kae.

  3. LOL now she wants to play dirty. She should have been doing that a long time ago. That’s all Chris understands, hence why Rihanna was kicking it with Matt Kemp when he was creeping with Kae. Chris doesn’t care about loyalty. Little too late now Kae.

  4. I want Karrueche to stand on her own two feet and make her own money like she did before Chris came along. Depending on a man is not smart. She has a modeling contract now…she should just be networking and establishing some opportunities to create wealth.

    1. I agree. She’s trying to stretch out her 15 mins and to do that, she needs either a new celeb romance or she needs Chris to creep around with her again. If I were her, I’d just get my modeling popping off and stack my money quietly.

  5. She got addicted to the lifestyle she had with Chris. If she doesn’t learn how to let the spotlight go, she’ll get ran through and tossed to the side like all the other ones do. Amber Rose got lucky, that doesn’t happen to most chicks.

    1. Exactly. She most likely showed up to the party because she knew it would be news. I doubt she wants Drake…or at least I hope she doesn’t.

  6. What’s wrong with her living a normal life again? I think she should keep modeling and keep a low profile. And later date a normal guy who is not going to make a fool out of her and other chicks in front of the whole world. Being famous is overrated.

  7. Rice Cakes your time is over. Go away, and please stop trying to make things happen with men who don’t want you. You didn’t learn from the Chris situation?

  8. That Girl aint checking for Chris anymore. According to other sources CB can’t come by and get the goods anymore, and she gave back the car. Good for her. Should have happen sooner. Besides her and Drake have been friends for awhile. I think that she should go for it. You’re only young and beautiful once so make the most of it. Help yo self Ms Thang.

    1. Agree! I honestly think her and Drake would make a good couple. Go for it!

      And good for her giving the car back. I doubt that he asked for it back. Move on pretty girl you can do so much better…..

      God’s Luck to you!

  9. What if the fight between Chris answer Drake was about her and not Rihanna… I mean yu never seen Chris go after anyone else rihanna supposedly fxcked.. ijs.

  10. OMG April I was so thinking the same thing. I never thought that the fight was ever over Rihanna! WOW aint that karma but what’s with sharing dudes these days. If I were Kae, I wouldn’t want to get serious about any of these industry nuts. Stop recycling broads!

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