Halle Berry Blames Problems with Men on Absent Father

Photo Credit: Tom Sorensen
Photo Credit: Tom Sorensen

By: Taren Vaughan

It is known that Halle Berry has had success as an actress but that hasn’t always rang true when it comes to her love life. The Academy Award-winning actress has been married twice, her first marriage being to former MLB All-Star David Justice whom she was married to for three years, Halle claiming to have been extremely distraught over their marriage coming to an end.  And then she later re-married, Singer Eric Benet being her second husband of choice, with their union eventually resulting in the couple getting a divorce after four years of being husband and wife. And while things were going well in her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry, that too ended on a rather sour note as Halle Berry found herself locked into an ongoing custody battle with Aubry over their daughter Nahla.  This past Thanksgiving caused even more bad blood between Halle and her ex-boyfriend as it was reported that Gabriel Aubry got into a fight with Halle’s fiancé Olivier Martinez at her home. The Turkey Day brawl drama settled as Halle finally made peace with Gabriel and the talk surrounding the actress shifted towards her and her fiancé, many alluding to the fact that they were getting closer to exchanging wedding vows.

Though she has had tough times in the relationship area, Halle has said that she has not given up on love and is still looking to get married again. And according to the actress, an absent father is to blame for some of the decisions that she has made concerning her relationships with men. Talking with The Sun, Halle Berry admitted that her problems with men are a result of her not having her father in her life growing up:

“I think not having had a father when I was growing up affected me negatively because I didn’t have a good role model to follow. It’s hard to admit you’ve made the wrong choices and gone through a lot of grief because of that. But you learn from your mistakes. I see things much more clearly now. I’m very happy.”

When talking in reference to life changing moments, Halle talked about her drive to become an actress and make a name for herself in the business. And she said that if it were not for her deciding to not finish high school, she would have never been able to pursue her dreams:

“I believe you can experience very profound moments of change in life. I never would have become an actress if I hadn’t dropped out of high school. I was so driven to pursue my dreams that I made a decision to quit school at 17 so I could find my voice as an actress.”



  1. It’s good that she can acknowledge the source of her issues. But now she has to keep that in mind when she chooses partners. I don’t think this new guy is all that great either.

  2. She’s a grown woman now. So she has some responsibilities in why she’s had so many bad relationships back to back. IJS.

  3. Daddy issues or not, she better keep a close eye on Olivier’s angry a-s. She’s been abused before, so I’m not sure why she wasn’t alarmed by what went down with Olivier and Gabriel. He seems very violent, controlling, and abusive.

  4. Girl whatever. You’re grown and you still keep dating the wrong kind of men. At some point, it’s not your Daddy’s fault anymore.

  5. I hate when grown women blame their bad choices in men on “Daddy Issues.” You weren’t thinking about your pops when you let the losers smash so have a seat.

  6. I don’t have a good relationship with my dad, and I don’t keep dating terrible men back to back like Halle does. This is a copout. Daddy issues are a bunch of BS.

  7. Daddy Issues can only be part of the problem. She’s a grown woman who really looks for the wrong qualities in men. Seems like looks, status, money are things that she only requires in a man. She needs to higher her standards.

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