Keke Palmer Goes off on Critics over Her Role in TLC Biopic

Photo Credit: @kekepalmer Instagram
Photo Credit: @kekepalmer Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Keke Palmer has made a name for herself as one of the most talented young Black actresses in Hollywood. Starring in numerous films alongside other notable African American actors and actresses in the game, Keke proved that she could take on any role that she is presented with and showed that she is a young woman of multiple talents. And she hasn’t limited herself to the world of acting at all as Keke has started up a career in music as well, not shying away from the chance to get her shine on in other arenas. As for her acting gigs, Keke Palmer has been offered a role that many would deem to be right up her alley as she has a passion for singing. As we reported recently, Rapper Lil’ Mama landed a role in the upcoming biopic for R&B group TLC, taking on the part of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. And with the news of Lil’ Mama set to play Left Eye, people couldn’t help but to wonder who they had in mind to play T-Boz and Chilli. The person that will be portraying T-Boz has been revealed as Drew Sidora and the person of choice to play Chilli in the biopic is Keke.

As with any actresses who get the opportunity to play in biopics, especially if they are diehard fans of that particular person, Keke was very excited about getting the chance to portray Chilli in TLC’s biopic. Not everyone was as thrilled about the news as Keke was though as the negative commentary reared its ugly head in the Twittersphere as people expressed their opinions about Keke Palmer playing Chilli, with many of them saying that they felt she shouldn’t have been offered the role because she doesn’t look like Chilli. The comments didn’t go over very well with Keke as she went on a huge rant on Twitter about the criticism that she was receiving over her new role (Read from bottom to top):


KeKe Palmer

And when one of her followers tried to correct her about people needing to resemble the person that they are said to be portraying in a biopic, Keke clapped back. And so did the follower with some shade:

KeKe Palmer

Keke Palmer had a little more rant left in her after that and got at her critics one more time before the night was over:

KeKe Palmer 3

And exchanged a few more words with the same follower who played her acting resume:

KeKe Palmer




  1. She needs to humble herself. Her body of work isn’t all that impressive. People love TLC, and they just want the movie to do the group justice. She’s acting like a brat.

    1. Actually her body of work is rather impressive by the time she ended her show on teen nick she was making about $35,000 or more an episode…

    2. BUT if the REAL TLC approves of the casting the fans who ‘claim’ to love TLC and wanna see the cast do them justice should respect it. Hell, TBoz and Chilli know better than ANY of us who should be playing them….it aint like they drew names out of a hat. the movie isn’t even out yet and ppl hatin.

    1. Tatyana is a lil more chunkier though. Dont get me wrong I support and black actress doing their thing but Chili was more of the skinnier girl. keke will do just fine!

  2. It’s sad how people just hate to hate. What has she ever did that would cause people to question her as an actor? Stop knocking them down and instead build them up they need confidence boosters just like we do. If you don’t have anything to say nice how about not saying nothing at all. Peace

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