Meagan Good Speaks on Criticism Surrounding Her ‘New’ Christian Image

Photo Credit: @msgood Instagram
Photo Credit: @msgood Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meagan Good’s newlywed status to a pastor should have been greeted with a lots of positivity, but unfortunately for the Deception actress, it’s been met with a whole lot of criticism. And that’s mainly due to the fact that she wasn’t necessarily known as a squeaky clean actress before she exchanged vows with DeVon Franklin. Clearly the beauty is happy to be married, but now everything she says and tweets is scruntinized due to her affiliation to the young pastor. Meagan gets slammed on a regular basis and even accused of “changing” just because she is regularly putting her Christian beliefs on display.

The other day, one of Meagan’s own fans told her on an Instagram photo of hers that they felt she’s changed a whole lot just to be accepted by her husband. The actress, who usually interacts regularly with her fans on Twitter and Instagram, defended her image and suggested that she’s always had a strong Christian faith despite what rumors people have heard about her. And despite the criticism, she says she hasn’t changed.

She writes:

“Hope my image hasn’t changed … I still want to appeal to the people that are just like me : the most judged-underdogs looked down upon because people assume they know what they are based on what they read in a negative blog or see in picture that’s captioned, that’s been altered to project someone else’s desired image for me.

“I’m exactly the same person.. I’ve always loved God.. I’ve been speaking about God in all of my interviews for the past 10 years .. some people just now notice.”


Meagan even feels that it’s not her who has changed, but most likely just people’s perception of her:

“Maybe some people’s perception of me has changed ..but I haven’t.. my husband fell in love with me because of who I ‘already’ was.. not because of who some think I am now. But then again I guess that’s the way of the world. Maybe my image has changed to some so those people can see me for who I’ve always been.”


  1. If she did change, what’s the problem? Isn’t that what Christianity is supposed to do?! Change a person for the better? People kill me being so judgmental and angry all the time. If someone wants to talk about God, let them!

    1. Hold on, she used to hang with Kim and co? Damn! Never knew that. I’m glad she got away from them. Too much drama in that circle.

  2. She really didn’t have to explain herself. Smart people get it. It just kills some people to see others happy.

  3. She’s annoying as hell now. All she does is peach on Twitter. Yeah it’s cool she has grown up, but she’s very judgmental and arrogant with her beliefs. That’s all I’m saying.

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