Gabby Douglas Meets Beyonce

Photo Credit: @gabbydoug2012 Instagram  Gabby gets her makeup done at a recent appearance.
Photo Credit: @gabbydoug2012 Instagram
Gabby gets her makeup done at a recent appearance.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas has achieved a lot in the sport of gymnastics. Unfortunately for her, nowadays with fame comes a lot of criticism and sometimes undeserving negativity. What should have been left as a great moment for the young gymnast turned ugly quickly when some people took to the social network to discuss out of all things, her hair. Gabby said that although some of the comments were hurtful, she really felt like the controversy was pretty silly. But despite the whole hair controversy, she’s been able to continue to do some amazing things, and she even got her own cereal box and book deal.

But one of Gabby’s biggest dreams was to meet another black woman who is successful and doing some pretty amazing things in her career as well. Gabby has said on several occasions that she is a huge fan of Beyonce, and she considers the singer one of the celebrities that she would love to meet.

She told T.J. Holmes in a recent interview:

“I’ve been a big fan of her [Beyonce] for a long time. I love her dances, I dance to them. I love her personality, I just think she would be so cool to meet. And Jay-Z.”


Looks like Gabby got her wish. She apparently ran into Beyonce during the All-Star weekend, and she was able to get a picture to post on her Instagram account:


gabby douglas and beyonce


On the encounter, she writes:

“Wow! Meeting Beyonce was absolutely AMAZING!”


Too cute.


  1. Beyonce’s best look is the curly weave. I love that on her. Oh, and when her hair is dark. I’m not a fan of the blonde, but she’s pulls it off when it’s curly like this.

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