Kenya Moore Disses Porsha Stewart’s English, Says She Needs a Tutor

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Kenya Moore dissing Porsha Stewart again? Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart are both new faces on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And as the newbies on shows tend to stick together as they try to get a feel of everyone else, things didn’t pan out that way for Kenya and Porsha as the drama between them didn’t take long at all to start up. Porsha got under Kenya’s skin earlier on when Porsha referred to her as Miss America instead of Miss USA during a spat that they had. And Kenya made her thoughts of Porsha even clearer after she shaded her for being a ‘forgettable’ cast member. And as for Porsha, she, along with some of the other ladies on the show, has shared her thoughts about Kenya and Walter’s relationship too, saying that she had a hard time believing it to be a real one. The two have clashed numerous times on the show, with the Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart fight becoming one of the highlight moments of the show as things got quite heated between them in Anguilla.

Though the attention has shifted from Porsha Stewart to Phaedra Parks these days when it comes to which housewife Kenya Moore is at odds with, that apparently hasn’t stopped Kenya from dragging Porsha if her name comes up in conversation. A few of Kenya’s fans on Twitter, one of them revealing that they are now Team Kenya, mentioned Porsha’s misuse of the English language to Kenya. And Kenya responded by dragging Porsha over her language blunders, suggesting that getting a tutor should be a top priority of Porsha’s instead of looking for a nanny as Porsha and her husband Kordell have been talking about having a baby (Read from top to bottom):

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  1. I wish Kenya would shut up. She clowns everyone but all she has is this reality show. That’s pretty pathetic for someone who was Miss USA twenty years ago.

  2. I like Porsha. She’s dim but she’s very sweet. I also feel like she’s very transparent. As fake as Kenya is, I appreciate Porsha.

  3. I’m convinced Kenya takes shots at Porsha because it makes her feel better about being broke and manless. I see you Kenya.

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